Saturday, May 7, 2022

Blogging Strategy: Coming Out of the Wilderness

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Languishing in the "no rank" section of website ranking obscurity, CBJ has seen better days, although perhaps the best is yet to come for this well-colored and named blog. Maybe all I needed was a better strategy to blog more, to blog better, to continue on in this blogging effort. While this seems easy enough to simply create a new strategy, the challenge is in the consistent effort over the months, years, and even decades. For CBJ, it has been 8-9 years since it started in 2014. If I'm into my blogging, I'll be here writing about it; well, I haven't blogged here since February of 2021, and before that not since 2019...

Keep in mind, I have 6 creator blogs, including CBJ. The main blog I post to is LDT, which has been lean over the last 5 years as well. I started out quickly in 2013,14,15, but then I faded and have been mostly subsisting and maintaining. 

The strategy may sound elementary to some, but don't overlook the insight, as it reflects a deeper and more encompassing truth about our blogging efforts. 

My problem (despite outward factors of life for the working married man) with blogging has always been how to approach the effort; should I write investigative articles or share quick little blurbs with posts. My blogs are not like a social media post to me, so I couldn't get myself to treat them so casually. I leaned toward writing articles about larger subjects or ideas on my mind, rather than just sharing everything I was watching, reading, and listening to. This strategy has its merits, yet my blogs are dying from no new content in the search engines, not to mention not building a readership, etc. 

The strategy is to blog once a day at least to one of my creator blogs. Most of these shares will be the share what I find interesting and write a small article to offer my views or add valuable information type. The thoughtful article brewing inside will also have its day of publishing among the quick share type posts. With 6 blogs and video channels to create content for, the effort has to ramp up if I'm going to ever stay afloat and maybe gain a growing readership. The LDT, at best, was 300k for world rankings and around 50k for the U.S. -- this is the Alexa rankings.

The point is, blogging is fun and easy, so I don't have it make it rocket science (might learn the earth is flat). On the other hand, I want to put out quality content, so it will always be better than a social media post. I don't usually comment on my social media shares anyway. The daily routine or habit will also be a benefit, as it will keep my blogging efforts top of mind. For every topic, I have a blog for the share with a short article (something I write within 5-15 minutes -- this one has taken about an hour or so btw). Another important point, the shares that turn into blogs are only something I've watched, listened to, and/or read -- share worthiness is more than a social media post.   

Much to share with the NWO on the prowl. I take my job seriously as a Christian watchman who also wants to minister to the Christians and lost to see souls saved and lives improved. CBJ is where I come to talk about my blogging efforts as a Christian and blogging in general. Blogging is different than writing, making videos, or doing podcasts, it is a jack of all trades online type of gig. Blogging is more than social media, as it gives the author the freedom to publish extensive pieces, small blurbs, and have their own environment online. For now, truthers, Protestant Christians, and patriots can still have blogs in some parts of the web, yet censorship has come down on certain platforms in certain forms -- as for now, I'm still able to blog uncensored here on Blogger, likely, because I'm in relative obscurity. When one finds a large audience is when pressure begins to mount to silence you ever wonder what the powers to be are trying to hide?

Blessings in Jesus your way, until next time on CBJ.