Monday, February 22, 2021

7 Alternatives to Big Tech Social Media Sites


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    The massive censorship campaign against the truth by big tech has been happening right before our eyes in the last year; from an acting President being censored by Twitter and Facebook to thousands of independent media truthers with large followings being canceled and deleted by YouTube and their brainless bands of fact-checkers, sighting they were going against community standards. This is an ominous sign for bloggers and content creators, thus, we need alternative places to create and share our content to ensure continuity in our work. 

    By the way, community standards are simply their flexible ethical reasoning to censor information and truth the powers to be (and that pay them off) don't want the public to know, especially the mainstream public. YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, Instagram, Medium, Amazon, and others have all ganged up on the truth to spread lies that destroy people.

    The major lies of the #coronavirushoax and the #globalwarminghoax can not be questioned, otherwise, people might get the answers and see the lies, etc. They need these lies to subject us to tyranny under the pretense of helping and caring about us. 

    Like you know, since the lockdowns in March 2020 and the facemasks later in the fall of 2020, America has become censorship central. For instance, my Medium account was taken down completely for inaccurate medical information -- see, I write information showing the other side of the mainstream storyline. Bloggers and content creators are under attack by propagandists and liars. 

    So, what do we truth lovers, Christian bloggers, and those who love freedom do? Well, don't self-censor for one thing and use the big tech until they buck you off; in the meantime, start building an alternative back-up network, including social media sites.

    Being allowed to voice different views on subjects that matter and holding the principle of not wanting anything to do with these censorship corporations are the main reasons to get away from big tech as much as possible. In an effort to help, here are some alternative social media sites to check out:


Love this site. 


Great site, owned by a Christian.


Blockchain social site, has been good so far.

Newer site, looks like facebook, but run by conservatives and patriots. 


Original and creative type of social site, neutral in politics, allows free speech so far. 


A business-oriented social media site like LinkedIn, a good place to share business truth, like how lockdowns are destroying thousands of people's businesses, etc.  


Most people are aware of this site, as they were laser beamed off the map by Amazon and the big tech aliens. To their chagrin though, the site is back, yet without their freedom-loving CEO (he was fired by the board), well see how they progress. 

Also, here is a list of video sharing sites:

11 Social Video Platforms to Syndicate Content With 

Blessings fellow Christians and truth lovers, let us always speak the truth no matter how many people speak lies around us and no matter what threats are against us for doing so -- if we lose the ability within ourselves to speak truth to lies, then the enemies of God have won the battle; in reality, the enemies of Jesus Christ are just fooling themselves that they can stamp out the human spirit and the truth found in the Holy Bible. Indeed, the rulers of darkness are fools, the blind leading the blind into a ditch. 

Praise Jesus for always being with us even until the end. The truth will be with us even until the end, no matter what Satan and his workers of iniquity have planned, they will never get rid of the Truth -- and they'll never be able to stop those who have it from telling others. Amen!