Hosted Blogs vs. Medium

I’ve been a blogger since 2013 and have 8 different blogs altogether; 7 are hosted on Blogger and 1 on WordPress. One of these blogs is associated with my Medium account (the one below), one is for my music, one is for golf, one is just a mirror blog, two are ministry blogs, one is about blogging, and the other is a review blog.  Business and Society Articles Really, I’ve been neglectful with most of these blogs over the better part of these 9 years, which shows with the stats I’ll show. There is one main blog I regularly post at and two others I keep up with decently.  Lately, I have updated my blogs with a new magazine theme and have started posting on them again. It is the off-season for me as a golf course greenskeeper, so I have some time to write and blog. This includes coming back to Medium and doing some work here the last two weeks.  I’ve written 9 articles on Medium in this time; most of these I also posted in the blog associated with this account.  That is the backdrop infor

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