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Blogging Strategy for 2016: Optimization and Time Management

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Lately, I've been neglecting my blogging efforts, as I've been working for Blogmutt writing content articles. It's been hard to find the time each workday to write a blog article or create a YouTube video, so I've been absent for a couple months. The good news is, I've figured out a new strategy in my blogging efforts. This includes some time management and blog optimization, which I wanted to share with you.

Website Optimization

I have four main monetized blogs and one ministry blog, all on Blogger with a sub-domain. CBJ is obviously one of these, and as of today on Alexa is ranked: 7.5 million. This is great considering it used to not be ranked at all.

The two main ways I monetize my blogs is with Adsense and Amazon Affiliates. The maximum Adsense ads Google wants us to use on each blog is 3, so I placed three ads on each blog. Before, I decided against putting a horizontal banner on top --under the title of blog, but on three blogs I decided this would work, because of the content of the blogs generally. Yet on The Lowdown Truth blog, I decided against the top ad, instead creating one on the bottom right.

Then, I placed two Amazon items in buyers boxes on each of the blogs, and three on Better Golfing Days. This in addition to the Amazon Bookstore I have on each blog on the right middle. In these Amazon boxes, I placed select items I wouldn't mind buying myself, and that are related to the blogs placed in. For instance in CBJ there's a Dell Laptop and Tablet.

Some other things I did was update my Reverbnation widget, and placed a private policy on each blog ( for some reason it was missing on three of them). I also tried to use AddThis's mobile sharing tools, but was unsuccessful for now. My sites look decent in mobile mode, but only have limited sharing options which only includes Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and email. I'll work on figuring this out later; how to get AddThis's mobile sharing buttons working.

This is the effort I've accomplished so far this time around, in optimizing my Blogger blogs. There's always more we can do as bloggers to tweak and adjust our blogs to perfection, but overall I'm fairly content with how they look and how they're working.

Time Management

I've been missing blogging and creating YouTube videos (even if no-one has missed me haha), so I've adjusted my daily work of writing content articles, to include some time for blogging. The problem I was having was: scheduling blogging later in the afternoon after work. This didn't work for me, because I'm basically unproductive in the afternoon when it comes to writing.

The morning is when I'm most productive with writing, while research and reading is good for me at night. So, I've decided to go to bed earlier and get up earlier, and this makes room for 1 and a half hours to blog or create videos each work day. This means I'll be able to post 20-22 articles and videos each month, compared to about 1-3 before.

Reason for Change

The main reason I wanted to get back to blogging was because my blogs are growing and doing well without me doing anything. The Lowdown Truth blog has grown to 4.5 million in the Alexa, and even under a million in America at times. This is mostly because of one popular article about Eminem being a clone.
Interesting how one article can propel a blog into popularity.

LDT is getting about 12K Adsense visitors every month, and the pennies coming in everyday are starting to turn into dimes and so on. So, this got me thinking again about the possibilities of making money writing what I like to write. Also, I even made a decent commission of .48 cents with Amazon, and have been getting about 30 clicks a month with my boxes.


As a rough estimate, I figure if I can produce 20-22 posts every month, my blogs and YouTube should be able to grow exponentially.

In three months I figure I could be making $62/month, in 6 months about $125/month, and in a year about $250/month.

These are my modest goals for now, but the thing about blogging is the exponential factor, which could propel my earnings well past these amounts.


This is my 2016 strategy for my 4 blogs and 2 YouTube channels (plus old Hubpages). I've been blogging now for a few years and my blogs are starting to become entrenched into Internet land.

LDT has 107 posts now, and all of them are getting more popular, without me even posting in them very often. I figure if I start posting, according to this strategy, and further optimizing them here and there, I should be able to make enough money to justify the time I spend working on them.

Of course, blogging isn't always about money, but when your not making any money then it's hard to find enough time to work on them effectively. Yet, I'll never censor my content, if Google decides to take my Adsense away, I can promise you this.

How is your blogging journey going? Hopefully well, and don't listen to anyone who says you can't be successful with a sub-domain, or not using their cookie cutter formula. Be unique and blog how you want to and where you want to, and remember it's all vanity, unless Jesus Christ is the center of your heart and actions. God bless in Jesus Christ and happy blogging to you.

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