Saturday, November 28, 2015

Replacing Google Ads With Amazon Banners on Blogs

   A few days ago I started thinking about affiliate marketing again, wondering if I could create content for my own site instead of clients on sites like Textbroker, Hirewriters, and BlogMutt (which I'm happy writing for by the way). The thought led me to creating my own niche blog called Better Golfing Days. I did this after realizing I'm already an affiliate marketer for Amazon. So, this led me to wondering if I should place Amazon banners on my blogs instead of Adsense ads?
   You might already be able to tell what I decided by looking up at the banner near the top of this blog. This blog is now sporting a couple Amazon banners and zero Adsense. My two other monetized blogs (displayed on the left as: Other Sites) I decided to keep only one Adsense ad and replace the other two with Amazon rotating banners ( the other blogs had 3 ads instead of the two in this one). Actually, just to note here - before all this happened I had three Adsense ads here and four on the other two blogs! Imagine 4 ads on one blog, geez what was I thinking? I thought better, and removed one ad all-together from the other two sites. Now my Robbie's Christian Bookstore Widget is more prominently portrayed (on the right).

   Anyway, now I have another blog, as mentioned, which is my niche golf blog; made to attract golfers trying to better their game and learn golf history. In the process of attracting them to the site, hopefully they'll feel inclined to buy some expensive items, which will give me a healthy commission for my hard least that's how it's supposed to work, right?

   I'm excited to have a niche blog about golf anyway, because it really is something I love to write about and play. The three other blogs I have aren't really niche sites like "Better Golfing Days", so I can't really market them in the same way. "Christian Blogger's Journal" does target Christians and bloggers, but I may just write something totally off subject as well. Although, this may appeal to bloggers considering they likely understand, yet as for marketability – not really. "The Lowdown Truth" and "A Writer's Review" also don't have a particular marketable niche to focus on either. They all have their particular purpose which I understand and appreciate (and hope my readers do as well), but not really niche blogs- know what I mean?

   Anyway, back to the question about Amazon banners or Google Adsense ads? Before yesterday I didn't even know there was such a thing as Amazon banner ads, wow. I liked the idea instantly of replacing my Adsense ads with these Amazon banners, and did just that - all except for one Adsense ad I left on my other two blogs at the bottom of the post.The reasons I changed them is because Adsense shows ads sometimes inappropriate for the content I'm writing about. I changed the settings so no dating or lewd sites come up, but sometimes a Mormon ad would come up - or worse even some Catholic ad! So, I'm glad to get most of those ads off my blogs. The ad I left seems not as bad (they have personalities of their own) as the others, but if I may just change it eventually too.

   The other reasons I changed them is: I wasn't making much with them anyway, making money on Amazon seems easier, and I can withdraw the money sooner than when I have $100 balance. I mean at the rate I make Adsense money, I was looking at getting paid once every year and a half! This because my money maker site Webanswers went down a couple months ago, which I used to make $30-$40/month with!

   Better Golf Days has a couple Amazon banners on it as well now. Today is really only the second day I've had these up, so I can't really say if it's working or not. Everyday (today) now I check my Amazon Associates Earnings dashboard to see if I had any clicks or orders. This is exciting because over the couple years I've had this account I've only made about .50 cents. Hopefully the efforts I put in will work out and I'll make more money from these Amazon ads than Adsense.

   It's good to try new things out with our blogs and see if they work. I'm not the type of person who just wants to follow other people's system to make money. I'm an out of the box type of person and Christian, but well within the Holy Bible friends. May you be blessed and happy belated Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Finding Pictures to Use for Blogs

   Hey there, I have a couple things to share this evening. I wanted to give you a link I use to get all the creative commons pictures I use for my blogs, eBooks, and revenue sharing sites. Maybe you already know about this site, but for those who don't this may help you find some pictures to use without breaking any copyright laws. Just remember to at least put the link to where they were found, for instance what I do is type under the picture on my blog something like: cc from or wherever it came from. Hyper linking it to the actual wiki page would be best if you are high speed (military term meaning on top of it- high energy). 

Here is the link:

   Use the google images tab when get there for best results. I haven't really checked out the others as much, but when I did there wasn't as many to choose from. Getting a picture for Hubpages or a blog doesn't have to be too hard, and if you are advertising using say, Adsense, then you need to do this in case of copyright infringement. No-one would likely care unless your post went viral and then somehow the wrong person found out and then who knows what happens- I guess the police show up at your door and take your laptop and punch you in the face or something. Well, likely you just would get suspended from Adsense? 

   Trying to remember the other thought to share, which had very little to do with the first???

   How is your blogging going? 

   Oh yeah... I remember now. Why isn't this site showing up on Alexa ratings? My other two sites do, but this one says it doesn't have enough data to compute. That's sad when this happens. This means you are out in never never blogging land. To come back from this type of obscurity really takes a love of your blog to not give up. Yeah, I think I'll keep up with CBJ, maybe it's the colors.

   Although my other two blogs are in the tens of millions when it comes to Alexa, I feel good about the progress overall. This Blogging venture never was a get rich or known type of project. It was more like I wanted a place I had control over exactly what I wrote and how I wrote it. I guess I can see why other places don't want what I want to write. Wow, that was horrible writing, look at all the I's!

   Still, this is an informative post at the beginning, right? I mean it may just help someone who is looking for pictures to use. Not everyone is an expert affiliate marketer making millions or thousands with their cookie cutter system. 

   That's all for now, stay tuned for some more thoughts on the Christian Blogger's Journal. And just to note, isn't Jesus awesome? Any of us could drop dead any moment, and after this life we have heaven to look forward to because we believe and follow Jesus Christ, you know the Holy Bible. Life is great with the truth, thank you Jesus. Have a good night friends. 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

My Experience with Making Money Blogging

   How's it going bloggers out there in Internet land? I wanted to talk about how it's going for me- as for making money from my main blog: The Lowdown Truth. It's been about 20 months since it started around November 2013. The only way I've made money through my 3 blogs is basically Adsense, so this is what I'm going to talk about. I do have a clickbank affiliate on my blogs as well (porn blocker), but I'm not sure it's even working and I haven't made any money from it that I know of- I may want to look into this. Maybe another way I've made money is through driving traffic to my YouTube channel or people buying one of my eBooks or items for sale through Ebay or Amazon (which have links from my blogs).

  Anyway, how would you like to make $10 for every article you write in your blog with Adsense alone? Well, I don't think that's too far off what we can accomplish, and the stats I'll show you may lead you to believe that conclusion. Yet, just remember it takes some time to get to the point where this could happen. For some it may take 6 months or even less, and others it may take 5-10 years. For me, I'm on track for the 5-10 years for these kinds of results, but I may just start working my blogs more and fast track it to around 2-3 years. If I could make $10/article writing whatever I wanted (however I wanted to) and wrote one a day, this would be $300/month. Not a bad income to include into the other on-line efforts I'm doing.

   I basically keep track of my views counting them from Adsense alone- not from the Blogger dashboard – this gives me a more accurate feel of just how many visitors I have coming to my blogs (instead of views). Even so, I want to share both stats All-time for my main blog, The Lowdown Truth:

All-time views:

  • Blogger Dashboard: 71,246
  • Adsense Dashboard: 44,307

All-time money made: $35.46, which in terms of views this amounts to:

  • Blogger: .0004977/view (1000views =.50 cents)
  • Adsense: .00080/view (1000views = .80 cents)

   For Blogger that's basically about a half of a tenth of a penny per view (so 20 views = one penny), and Adsense basically almost a tenth of a penny per view (so about 12 views = one penny). This kind of calculation makes you appreciate your pennies.

Really though, it's just nice to know the numbers. At least there is something to work with there, and the goal is to increase the views and the rate over time. Some blogs are going to have a higher rate than mine because of the content. This blog isn't what would be considered a high percentage rate blog when it comes to per view rates, but nevertheless I'm writing what I want and getting paid for it.

I do 91 post on The Lowdown Truth, but over the last year I've only posted about 1-3 post per month. And I've noticed, to my happiness, that it keeps growing and gaining some ground in the Internet world - despite my seeming neglect. I do keep up on the layout and update things, but just haven't been writing as much in any of my blogs. It makes me think if I did start writing more (15 posts a month)- then maybe I could very well get to the point where I'm making basically $10/article, on average, over a couple year time period. We have to remember that these blog articles continue to get views even years after they were written.

   Now, let my tell you about the most popular post on The Lowdown Truth: "The Real Eminem Died Years Ago". This post has over 27,000 views on my Blogger dashboard ( I can't tell how many views each post gets in Adsense), so that means it's made me 27,000 x .0004977, which is about $13.44. Now over the next couple years this will only grow. That means, that one article which took me a couple hours to research, write, and place on blog- will have made me something like $20 estimated over a couple years. This is an article I wrote only about 6 months ago. That is the sort of potential there is blogging. I have some other blog articles that have near 5,000 views and many which are around a 1,000 views. Not bad considering I'm writing what I want to write how I want to write it.

   My conclusion is, keep plugging away and doing the detailed things to make your blog more and more entrenched in the Internet system. The point is to be heard with your message and words, right? If you are just trying to make money you likely aren't getting much from this blog, because there are a million meaningless marketing strategy articles and systems you can look into to simply make money. Do they work, heck I don't know and don't care because they give me a headache just listening to the pitch! If an effort of mine doesn't give me more than just making money, then it's really a waste of my time. And time is the most precious thing we have. Of course, we have to make a living and work likely many jobs that we don't think is our calling in life, but still we have to try and find some meaning in the menial jobs we have to take in order to get where we can do what is meaningful. Of course, for me this means doing God's will in my life. And remember the love of money is the root of all evil. Also, we can't serve two masters, mammon (money) and God (Jesus Christ/Holy Bible/Holy Ghost/Father God).

As for blogging, I thought I would share these fun stats with you. Hey, I've made $35 from my main Blog- not bad, over say 20 months -that's $1.75/month just writing and getting a message out I want people to hear. The best part is my blogs are growing and becoming more entrenched in the Internet system, and maybe one of these days I'll get serious and start writing more and who knows how well I'll do then. Hopefully this encourages you to grow your blogs and keep writing those articles. Also, hopefully you're doing something meaningful with your words as well, because the Bible says life and death are in the tongue. That is, our words my friends, and we all need to work on cleaning up our words to reflect the Goodness and Purity of the God who loves and created us. Till next time happy blogging dear bloggers.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Blogging Visitors Up, Money Up, Plugging Away

   I've been blogging now for about two years, and although there are times when I have a drought of posts- I still keep plugging away and writing in my blogs. The result is interesting like a sort of experiment in the kitchen which we call gulosh, or something like this. Really though, as I've begun to actually start growing my blogs I've also stopped writing in them very often. We ought to know we get what we put into things, so the energy I expended to begin these blogs of mine (have 4 of them now) has paid off in a relative successful way. 

   This blog is the deadest of my four blogs considering our ministry blog has only 4 posts. The ministry blog has no ads on it, so I can't tell if it has any Adsense visitors. Adsense visitors is how I count the views I have on the blogs. I don't count the views that are on the Blogger dashboard because those are not visitors, but merely views. The most popular blog of mine is called The Lowdown Truth, which is the first Blogger blog I made about two years ago. 

   I write basically about 2-6 blog posts a month, mostly in my main blog LDT. Within the last couple months I've seen a dramatic increase in the visitors and money LDT was making. The money is still nearly change, but still it's encouraging to see the improvement. It's like my LDT blog has finally been ingrained enough in the Internet world that it's beginning to attract visitors from many different places with even people linking to the posts and all.

   Basically, the visitors Adsense has been showing, have been around 8k-10k a month on LDT. Before it was more like 1k-2k/month. Also, although the RPM is low, the money has increased from about .50 cents per month to around $5/month. If you were thinking blogging pays big money through Adsense, then this is a harsh reality, but it's hard to make significant money through Adsense and blogs. A blog has to get something like 500k visitors a month to begin to bring hundreds of dollars a month. You get the drift, mostly the people who are making money through blogging are using affiliate marketing, a product, or a service to make significant full time job wages type of money. 

   Remember, what you put your energy into is what is going to show fruits in the end. If a person is passionate about blogging and is willing to put the energy in to make is a place where they make a full time living, then they will do it after some time. I'm thinking from a fresh start maybe one to two years to make enough to do it full-time, and that spending full time hours on it for that time to get it to speed. 

   For me though, I have a buy and sell business that I spend my energy into. Blogging and writing in general on-line has taken a sort of back seat as I try to make a full time living through my buy and sell business. Yet, I still want to find some time to blog and share my thoughts about life, work, and Jesus. 

   I have decided to keep CBJ (this blog) because I just like it here too much to delete the blog. I can come here and talk about blogging and sort of document the journey I'm taking as a blogger and person trying to make money on-line. Also, I would like to talk about some how to and specific blogging discussions which may help a person who is starting out. 

   In conclusion today, although blogging may not make most of us that much, making $5-10/ month from writing 2-6 posts a month isn't too bad of progress for me. My goal is to make $200 a month with my three monetized blogs and two YouTube channels. Hopefully in a years time this will be a reality. I'll be in touch during this time. For now, happy blogging and God bless you in Jesus name. 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Alexa and the Blogger is the main internet website ranking platform. This site is free to use and can greatly help a person who is trying to discern sites to spend time on to make money or whatever. Alexa can also help a blogger see how their blog ranks in the masses of sites on-line. In this post, I'm going to share my experience with Alexa rankings with my main three blogs and my conclusions. 

Overall, I would tell blogger to not worry about their Alexa rankings and not to define their success from this ranking. Personally, I think the rankings are likely controlled by censoring powers who would like to completely control the Internet like a complete communist nation. 

I've been blogging for about 15 months now, and when I learned about Alexa rankings and was trying to grow my blogs, so I kept track of my weekly rankings for a couple of months. For some odd reason my oldest/main blog where I had most of my posts, well it was ranked the worst out of the three blogs I have. 

At one point, at the peak of my Alexa ranking success, I had my Lowdown Truth blog ranked 5 million, A Writer's Review was ranked 2 million, and this blog was ranked around 2.5 million. Now, about 8 months later they are ranked 26 million, 8 million, and not ranked, respectively. Yep, this blog isn't on the radar anymore. 

I can understand this blog going off the radar, but the other two I continued to contribute to often and they decreased to where they are. Although, they get more organic search hits than ever and should have more authority than ever with embedded links, they have gotten worse and worse according to Alexa. My personal opinion is that the content is something the powers to be don't want to be popular. 

Now, I realize that unless your site is ranked under a million, the ranking is hard to pin point, but the fluctuation with my main blog seems to be too much to simply say it has fluctuated some. So, in the end I have to conclude that Alexa really doesn't mean much unless you have a very popular site and are under a million. 

Just to note, you can get a add-on button on the top right of your browser that will tell you what the ranking is on every webpage you visit. I've found this button very useful when searching around and trying to find places to make money on-line. It also is simply interesting to see what a site ranks and how many back-links it has to it. 

You can find this add-on at their site at Hopefully this post has given you some insight into blogging you didn't have before, thank for coming by.

Friday, February 6, 2015

CBJ Purpose Redefined

It's shameful how long it's been since I've written a blog here at CBJ. Definitely not the example to put forth with bloggers trying to grow their blogs. There are reasons why this vacancy has occurred, but still it makes me a bit sad to see this platform abandoned for so long. 

Time slips by so fast and things change as well. This blog is going through an identity crisis as my new writing system has evolved and streamlined leaving it out of the loop. Basically, I've been trying to figure out just what this blog can be used for exactly. Before it was created to write my random thoughts about whatever I felt needed to talk about everyday. I've found though that the writings I was creating ended up being articles I would have rather placed on my more prominent blogs, or the more flippant ones on small article writing sites like Daily Two Cents. 

So, what I've come up with is this. CBJ is going to be a place where I write specifically about blogging as a Christian. Hence the name! Simplicity is always welcomed. 

I do have the need for a place to write about this blogging and writing journey. I have basically two main blogs, this blog, and recently I created another one called Online Revenue Review. See now why I'm having such a hard time finding time to get here? 

Although I can't say I know a lot about blogging, I'm learning and growing at every chance I get. Recently I have started to look into affiliate marketing, which seems to be an exciting opportunity to make money blogging while helping to sell products you believe in. Clickbank seems to be a very good place to get started with this. 

That's it for now, couple things are for sure: Jesus Christ is God, and blogging is fun. Until next time, which won't be so long, goodbye and God bless.