Sunday, June 29, 2014

Racing Towards the Mark of Better Alexa Ratings

Harold Dog racing towards the mark

   Do you check your blog's Alexa ratings? I did an article here on May 27th of this year, in which I posted the rankings of my other two blogs and Hubpages. I wanted to share with you the developments I've noticed since.

  OK, so that was about 32 days ago from today and at that time I didn't have stats for this blog because it was too new. Christian Blogger's Journal has since been showing up and I've been watching it rise. Interestingly enough the only comment I received last article about this was an anonymous person who aptly said, "you have a long way to go." So, for you dear person, thank you for the inspiration. 

   May 27th:

   The Lowdown Truth:                     10,372,004
   A Writer's Review:                          4,733,324
   lowdown0 Hubpages:                      4,538,357

   June 29th:

   The Lowdown Truth:                        5,658,449
   A Writer's Review:                            2,887,196
   Christian Bloggers Journal:              3,939,758
   lowdown0 Hubpages:                       2,698,196

      The amount of articles I've written in each of these in the last month is as follows:

      The Lowdown Truth:                         5
       A Writer's Review:                            2
    Christian Blogger's Journal:              11
    lowdown0 Hubpages                          2

     Really, that's not a very high output for that good of a return. For the critic who so graciously came by to encourage me, what do you think? Be careful, cause you could end up encouraging me further. 

    I'm excited about this progress myself. It's strange why The Lowdown Truth is ranked the worst, as it's the first blog I started and the one with the most posts and back-links? O'well, I guess it's niche isn't as popular as the others are. Christian Blogger's Journal has risen very fast although I haven't even connected it to any blog directories yet. I do write in here more often than the others. 

     I could imagine if I were to triple that output on articles in the next month, my rankings would start to get respectable quickly. My next goal is to get all of them under a million in the next 3 months time. In the three months after that I want to get them closer to under a 100,000. If I can get all of these under 100,000 then I'll begin to see the traffic that will earn me some money and will start gaining a loyal readership. 

    How is your blogging going? Have you checked your Alexa rankings yet? You might have to enable your RSS feed in your settings section under the "other" subsection (Blogger). Your feed URL(RSS) should be automatically created under Feedburner. I learned how to do this when I started putting my blogs in directories. This allows you to give people email subscriptions and RSS reader subscriptions as well. Something to think about if your trying to grow your blog. 

    It's been a fun journey blogging. It's the perfect form of writing for myself, allowing for me to have the freedom and flexibility to write as I please and when I desire. This blog in particular has been a great addition, as it is less formal and therefor I can simply let myself simply write what's on my mind. This helps me understand myself and the world around me. Like I said in the first post here, it's your fault if you're reading it. Still, I'm glad you are, and if you want to get an email notification when I post, then subscribe through the email subscription area on the top right of the blog. If you have any questions that a simpleton like myself can help you with, then leave a comment. Remember to mark the box to receive email notifications in the comment box. 

    God bless and protect you and families, and may He guide you in your writing, this I pray in Jesus Christ name, Amen. 

Book of the day: Harold Bell Wright, The Shepherd of The Hills

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