Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Alexa Rankings and Writing Break

Winter 2013 Oregon

   Lately I've been keeping track of my Alexa ratings for my other two blogs and Hubpages. I know they have a long ways to go before I can start making any significant amount of money, but I like stats and seeing things in numbers. Here is the world Alexa ratings of these three sites:

The Lowdown Truth: 10,372,004
A Writer's Review:      4,733,325
lowdown0.Hupages    4,538,357

     Interesting that my Hubpages account shows up there, and it is ranked the highest of the three too. I only started working my writing system for the last 4 weeks. Before this I was randomly working and my blogs went near dormant for a couple months. So really, the progress I've made with my blogs has come in the last month. 

    Although these number are in the millions, I'm still excited about them going lower and lower. Now I have a goal to get my blogs under a million in three months time. Ultimately I want them to get under a 100K in the world. 

    On a different note, I will be taking a bit of a break from my writing system this next week. My wife and I are going to the White Stone Remnant Conference in Montana. We've been looking forward to this for a long time now, and getting ready for it. I will bring my computer and am planning on writing an article about the conference afterwards, but my writing overall this next week will go to a near standstill. 

    When I get back though, I have many article ideas I want to get started on. This blog is just starting to take form and soon enough will be monetized with Adsense as well as the others. So far, this has been exactly what I was looking to create, a place where I could write my not so formal thoughts. It's your fault if you end up reading it. 

     My last Blogtalkradio show went well, it talked about the White Stone Remnant conference. If you want to listen there is a widget at the bottom of the blog. 

      God is good, Jesus is our friend. For this I'm grateful and have hope for the future. This world grows darker and the difficulties we face become more strenuous, yet we are growing in the grace and love of Jesus Christ through his words. The Word of God and prayer are the staples of our lives. Fasting is one thing we need to do more. For now, signing out, God bless. 

Book of the Day: Ralph Epperson's book: The Unseen Hand, Introduction To The Conspiratorial View of History


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