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Robbie "Lowdown0"
  This blog is mostly about blogging as a Christian and what that process is like. It started as a place where I would write on basically any subject I felt like, but has turned into a focused blog about my blogging as a Christian. 

   The journey to become a successful blogger, and defining that success, is a sort of lonely and even frustrating process; most bloggers and their blogs, simply, fade away with time. The beauty of blogging is: it's all up to us how much we want to make it work, so this blog will reflect this effort (or lack there of). If you like what I'm doing with this site please subscribe, and if you'd like to donate, thank you:

   Here is a list of the sites I write/work for on-line. May your journey be blessed and always seek the truth.

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  1. Hmm... No link to "contact" you for any questions/comments not wanting to be public. My heart goes out to new bloggers. While it is obvious you are not doing this for a huge "following" (not the most popular of subjects, unfortunately), I pray you stay strong, and put your heart in to to win the race.

    1. I'm learning along the way, but coming from knowing hardly what a URL was 6 months ago much less how to copy and paste, I'm happy with the progress.