Friday, January 8, 2016

Setting a Schedule for Blogging

   Of course there are many different ways bloggers get the job done, some better than others. Creating content for our blogs is important so they don't become neglected and drop out of the google radar. After a couple years of blogging I've tried a mostly the: write when I want to approach, but now I'm willing to try something different like a schedule.

   The Blogging Schedule Plan:

   Basically, I'm writing articles for my blogs. I spend half my day writing articles for other people, so treat the articles for my sites as I would a client. Record the time it takes to write and post the article, hopefully within the hour time slot I've planned and scheduled for my blogging and YouTube videos.

   See, I now work from home full-time, and there are many eggs in the income basket. There are a couple main ones I work the hardest at, but then there are many small income streams with potential to be more. Blogging on all 7 of my blogs, plus 2 YouTube channels, and Hubpages isn't easy to keep up with.

   So, in the morning I'm going to spend an hour before I write for other people, and write an article for my blogs. The blogs will rotate, with 5 main sites and one alternative, which rotates through the 5 alternative sites once a week every 6 days. Every morning that I'm working I spend an hour on feeding my blogs and channels.

   Although this likely won't pay anymore than $2/hr at most for the short term, it'll be interesting to see how these efforts grow my overall web presence. After a few months of this fresh content on all 10 platforms, it'll be interesting to see how much more money I'm making. Could be worth the hour spent every morning, money wise. Either way, these are sites I've made and can write whatever I want (however I want to). Mostly, what I write has value only if it draws people closer to faith in Jesus Christ.

   An hour is a long time to write an article, especially one you don't have to research. It does take 15 minutes to post the blog and share it properly, so the writing should be around 45 min at most. The editing takes some time as well.

   This is my blogging schedule idea. CBJ is on the list for today, and it's always a pleasure to come by. May God bless your blogging and writing efforts.  

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