Thursday, October 22, 2015

My Experience with Making Money Blogging

   How's it going bloggers out there in Internet land? I wanted to talk about how it's going for me- as for making money from my main blog: The Lowdown Truth. It's been about 20 months since it started around November 2013. The only way I've made money through my 3 blogs is basically Adsense, so this is what I'm going to talk about. I do have a clickbank affiliate on my blogs as well (porn blocker), but I'm not sure it's even working and I haven't made any money from it that I know of- I may want to look into this. Maybe another way I've made money is through driving traffic to my YouTube channel or people buying one of my eBooks or items for sale through Ebay or Amazon (which have links from my blogs).

  Anyway, how would you like to make $10 for every article you write in your blog with Adsense alone? Well, I don't think that's too far off what we can accomplish, and the stats I'll show you may lead you to believe that conclusion. Yet, just remember it takes some time to get to the point where this could happen. For some it may take 6 months or even less, and others it may take 5-10 years. For me, I'm on track for the 5-10 years for these kinds of results, but I may just start working my blogs more and fast track it to around 2-3 years. If I could make $10/article writing whatever I wanted (however I wanted to) and wrote one a day, this would be $300/month. Not a bad income to include into the other on-line efforts I'm doing.

   I basically keep track of my views counting them from Adsense alone- not from the Blogger dashboard – this gives me a more accurate feel of just how many visitors I have coming to my blogs (instead of views). Even so, I want to share both stats All-time for my main blog, The Lowdown Truth:

All-time views:

  • Blogger Dashboard: 71,246
  • Adsense Dashboard: 44,307

All-time money made: $35.46, which in terms of views this amounts to:

  • Blogger: .0004977/view (1000views =.50 cents)
  • Adsense: .00080/view (1000views = .80 cents)

   For Blogger that's basically about a half of a tenth of a penny per view (so 20 views = one penny), and Adsense basically almost a tenth of a penny per view (so about 12 views = one penny). This kind of calculation makes you appreciate your pennies.

Really though, it's just nice to know the numbers. At least there is something to work with there, and the goal is to increase the views and the rate over time. Some blogs are going to have a higher rate than mine because of the content. This blog isn't what would be considered a high percentage rate blog when it comes to per view rates, but nevertheless I'm writing what I want and getting paid for it.

I do 91 post on The Lowdown Truth, but over the last year I've only posted about 1-3 post per month. And I've noticed, to my happiness, that it keeps growing and gaining some ground in the Internet world - despite my seeming neglect. I do keep up on the layout and update things, but just haven't been writing as much in any of my blogs. It makes me think if I did start writing more (15 posts a month)- then maybe I could very well get to the point where I'm making basically $10/article, on average, over a couple year time period. We have to remember that these blog articles continue to get views even years after they were written.

   Now, let my tell you about the most popular post on The Lowdown Truth: "The Real Eminem Died Years Ago". This post has over 27,000 views on my Blogger dashboard ( I can't tell how many views each post gets in Adsense), so that means it's made me 27,000 x .0004977, which is about $13.44. Now over the next couple years this will only grow. That means, that one article which took me a couple hours to research, write, and place on blog- will have made me something like $20 estimated over a couple years. This is an article I wrote only about 6 months ago. That is the sort of potential there is blogging. I have some other blog articles that have near 5,000 views and many which are around a 1,000 views. Not bad considering I'm writing what I want to write how I want to write it.

   My conclusion is, keep plugging away and doing the detailed things to make your blog more and more entrenched in the Internet system. The point is to be heard with your message and words, right? If you are just trying to make money you likely aren't getting much from this blog, because there are a million meaningless marketing strategy articles and systems you can look into to simply make money. Do they work, heck I don't know and don't care because they give me a headache just listening to the pitch! If an effort of mine doesn't give me more than just making money, then it's really a waste of my time. And time is the most precious thing we have. Of course, we have to make a living and work likely many jobs that we don't think is our calling in life, but still we have to try and find some meaning in the menial jobs we have to take in order to get where we can do what is meaningful. Of course, for me this means doing God's will in my life. And remember the love of money is the root of all evil. Also, we can't serve two masters, mammon (money) and God (Jesus Christ/Holy Bible/Holy Ghost/Father God).

As for blogging, I thought I would share these fun stats with you. Hey, I've made $35 from my main Blog- not bad, over say 20 months -that's $1.75/month just writing and getting a message out I want people to hear. The best part is my blogs are growing and becoming more entrenched in the Internet system, and maybe one of these days I'll get serious and start writing more and who knows how well I'll do then. Hopefully this encourages you to grow your blogs and keep writing those articles. Also, hopefully you're doing something meaningful with your words as well, because the Bible says life and death are in the tongue. That is, our words my friends, and we all need to work on cleaning up our words to reflect the Goodness and Purity of the God who loves and created us. Till next time happy blogging dear bloggers.

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