Saturday, February 21, 2015

Alexa and the Blogger is the main internet website ranking platform. This site is free to use and can greatly help a person who is trying to discern sites to spend time on to make money or whatever. Alexa can also help a blogger see how their blog ranks in the masses of sites on-line. In this post, I'm going to share my experience with Alexa rankings with my main three blogs and my conclusions. 

Overall, I would tell blogger to not worry about their Alexa rankings and not to define their success from this ranking. Personally, I think the rankings are likely controlled by censoring powers who would like to completely control the Internet like a complete communist nation. 

I've been blogging for about 15 months now, and when I learned about Alexa rankings and was trying to grow my blogs, so I kept track of my weekly rankings for a couple of months. For some odd reason my oldest/main blog where I had most of my posts, well it was ranked the worst out of the three blogs I have. 

At one point, at the peak of my Alexa ranking success, I had my Lowdown Truth blog ranked 5 million, A Writer's Review was ranked 2 million, and this blog was ranked around 2.5 million. Now, about 8 months later they are ranked 26 million, 8 million, and not ranked, respectively. Yep, this blog isn't on the radar anymore. 

I can understand this blog going off the radar, but the other two I continued to contribute to often and they decreased to where they are. Although, they get more organic search hits than ever and should have more authority than ever with embedded links, they have gotten worse and worse according to Alexa. My personal opinion is that the content is something the powers to be don't want to be popular. 

Now, I realize that unless your site is ranked under a million, the ranking is hard to pin point, but the fluctuation with my main blog seems to be too much to simply say it has fluctuated some. So, in the end I have to conclude that Alexa really doesn't mean much unless you have a very popular site and are under a million. 

Just to note, you can get a add-on button on the top right of your browser that will tell you what the ranking is on every webpage you visit. I've found this button very useful when searching around and trying to find places to make money on-line. It also is simply interesting to see what a site ranks and how many back-links it has to it. 

You can find this add-on at their site at Hopefully this post has given you some insight into blogging you didn't have before, thank for coming by.

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