Sunday, November 30, 2014

Problem Solving Blogging

    It's been awhile since I've written a blog here at CBJ. I haven't forgotten about this blog, there just has been other places I've had to spend my time. This blog though is where I talk about my blogging journey in general as well as some random thoughts I might have. 

    One problem I haven't figure out yet is why there is an X on my feed icon in the widget added to my other blogs. Two of the four blogs I have have this problem. These two are the last two I have created. I have five blogs all-together by the way - four on Blogger and one with Wordpress. 

   This X doesn't seem to mean much, as my feed still works. Every post comes to my email, and when I check the validity of the feed on Feedburner it says it's good. There must be a reason though why there is this X on the icon in the widget. The widget by the way is where you can add other blogs to your blogs layout. I do this so people can find all my blogs from any of the other blogs. The only blog that is left out of the mix is the Wordpress blog. 

    I really do enjoy blogging, but it's just taken a backseat to the menial labor tasks that I have to do to make money. Also, I have started writing eBooks, which has taken much of my writing time away. You can find these eBooks on the tab up top as well. Soon enough I will write a review about my initial three month experience with eBooks. 

   This blog has been abandoned for the last three months basically, at least posting wise. I have revamped it and added to the layout some. It's an interesting experiment to see how it performed without posting. It hasn't attracted very many visitors at all, according to Adsense. Maybe about 20 per week. From memory I believe I've made about .20 cents in the last three months with no posting. 

   This blog doesn't seem to have he same search engine favor as the two main ones I started before this one (LDT and AWR). Does the X in the icon have something to do with this? 

   One lesson I've learned from blogging is to learn how to problem solve and be patient when seeking answers to these kinds of questions. Eventually, after enough searching I'll figure it out and become a better blogger by being more knowledgeable. There is much to this craft I don't know, and eventually I hope to grow these blogs to a point where they are formidable platforms for their unique topics. 

   Until then, this problem is on the shelf. I'll try not to be a stranger here, if anyone even noticed I was gone. God bless. 


  1. Great to see you back! I hope everything's well with you for the last 3 months that you've been absent. I look forward to more posts from you soon.

    1. Wow, someone noticed, haha. Thanks Superlux. I've been working on some other projects trying to figure out where this blog will fit in. I need to find out how to get the original feed again, as I deleted it? I think this affects the results of this blog in the search engines. Sounds like a blogger post when figure it out. Blessings!

  2. Replies
    1. It's good to be noticed sometimes, at least if I'm writing something worth reading. Blessings to you Deborah.I'm not done with this blog, I really do like it.