Friday, August 15, 2014

Trying to Make a Buck Blogging

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   Every week I find it helpful to keep track of the amount of work I do on my various writing sites and also how much I'm making from them. It's sad to say that after keeping track for 14 weeks now and implementing a sort of promotion system to my blogs, I still haven't been able to make any significant money with my three blogs. 

   In fact, the monthly amount averages out to at best about $1 per blog per month, or $3/month total for all my blogging efforts. I would estimate that last month I wrote about 14 blogs total. Although I'm glad to have a place to write and have the chance to make some money, it just seems I could do better than this. 

  This has gotten me thinking about streamlining my blogging efforts more and making them easier for me to write and promote. What this means in reality, is I have certain articles I write routinely on each of my blogs. Cause I think at this point I simply don't write enough on my blogs to grow them the way I want to. Realizing there are many different ways to put effort into promoting a blog, I know there is also effort lacking in staying connected to people through social sites. For instance Google + hasn't seen me around for a week and a half at all. It's sad, but there is so many other things I'm trying to do I just don't make it over to my social sites as much as I need to anymore. 

  If only I could make a $1 per post, then this would breathe new life into my writing on my blogs. There are other reasons to write of course, but I'm trying to keep myself out of the content mills you see. This on-line writing blogging thing is still relatively new to me, so I know there are strategies and things I could do to help boost my efforts without dedicating my life to it every waking second of every day. 

  Basically, this may sound weird, but I'm putting too much effort into each post. I need to write quicker posts that take less time, but are pointed and have some sort of uniformity to them to define the blog. For instance this blog I want to write poetry, off the wall short stories, and deep thoughts that can't go unnoticed (about blogging/writing on-line, Christianity, and life in general). Of course, all from a Christian perspective. 

   In the mean time, I'm going to research some more about growing a blog and try to plug away with promoting it in creative ways. I'm still hopeful these blogs will one day grow to have a larger readership and therefor make a decent amount for the time spent writing in them. Anyway, how is your blogging going? 

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