Friday, August 22, 2014

Blogging Results After 8 Months

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   Blogging on Blogger started for me Dec. 9th, 2013 with my first blog called The Lowdown Truth. Later that month on Dec. 25, 2013, a second blog was started called A Writer's Review. Finally, five months later on May 23, 2014, I started this blog called Christian Blogger's Journal. Although this is the timeline for starting the blogs, it took a little time after I started each to monetize them with Google Adsense. I was approved for Adsense with my first blog after 18 posts. The other two I monetized after having 10 posts. 

   I'm explaining all this because this blog in part is about my journey as a blogger. This information may help you gain some perspective on blogging yourself. The amount of time I've been blogging is about the same amount of time I've been writing on-line all-together. Basically, I started from scratch with this Internet thing about 10 months ago. There has been a learning curve involved as well as I work a full time job as a lawn care business owner/operator during the nice weather seasons. 

   I wanted to share some stats with you, mostly because my wife doesn't want to hear them. She cringes when I start talking stats and what they meant to me. Regardless, I find them very insightful and numbers objectively tell me something maybe my feelings are lying about. Although the stats for this time period may be low, they show me the possibilities for the future. 

The Stats (monetized posts only, these are Adsense visitors only) 

The Lowdown Truth:                           2266 visitors
30 posts                                             $7.06
.24 cents/ post                                   .0031/visitor
76 visitors/post

A Writer's Review                                1398 visitors
22 posts                                             $2.35
.11 cents/post                                    .0017/visitor
64 visitors/post

Christian Blogger's Journal                   512 visitors
21 posts                                             .55 cents
.03 cents/post                                    .0011/visitor
24 visitors/post

Total                                                    4176 visitors
76 posts                                              $9.96
.13 cents/post                                     .0024/visitor
55 visitors/post

   Those are the objective stats of this venture called blogging in the last 8 months. I have a blogging system I've been using loosely for the last 4 months, before this I wasn't doing a lot of promoting. 

   To me, this is better than how I felt I was doing. This time period including a lot of improvement and learning for me. That I was able to make something at all writing on my own platforms I made, is very rewarding. What this tells me overall, is that these stats will be much better after another 6 months. This gives me motivation to keep writing and improving on my blogging efforts. 

How does this compare with Hubpages? 

  A couple days ago, I sort of decided if I wanted to make any money with my writing, I would have to write mostly on Hubpages. After seeing the numbers, I see this differently. Personally, I enjoy my blogs much more than writing on Hubpages, but really I wouldn't make much more there even comparing with these fledgling numbers. 

  At Hubpages, I've calculated making around .004 per view. That isn't much more than my blogs at .0025, and I really do think this number will improve with my blogs within the next 6 months while Hupbages will likely stay the same. So then it comes down to views, where do I get the most views? 

   At Hubpages I've written 32 articles and received 5,779 views. That is 180 views/article compared to 55 views/article with blogs. So Hubpages does get more views per article overall, but with some improvements and time I should be able to match that or better within the next 6 months with my blogs. Not sure if I will improve my Hubpages views significantly within that time. 

   When it comes down to it, it's hard to make money writing on-line when writing about what you want to. The ability to write the articles about what you desire to and when you want to, comes at the cost of making it difficult to make significant money. 



  In six months time, I want to get 250 visitors/post and make .005 cents/visitor. That means $1.25/post. 
  Long term I want to get 4,000 visitors/post and make .005 cents/visitor. That means $20/post. That would mean if I spent 2 hours on each post, I would make $10/hr. That to me would be very optimal when it comes to making blogging a real source of income and still be able to write about the subjects I desire. 


   Blogging has been a positive addition to my life, it provides benefits that are beyond money. Writing on-line in general has been a great opportunity for me. I'm encouraged to keep writing and plugging away at both my blogs and Hubpages. Hopefully your writing on-line has been a positive experience and you got something out of this article. 

    Your welcome to become a member of this site (widget on the top right of site) and/or subscribe in a reader or email. May your writing efforts be blessed, and remember to keep it all in perspective with Jesus as the most valuable thing in our lives. 

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Lazy Writing Syndrome Thing

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   What is it every blogger/writer wants anyway? What is it I want, as in a place to write? At one time, I was thinking about writing at RedGage for my journalistic writings. When I have an idea for a "real" post, then I have places for those, but what about when I just want to write? It used to be, people wrote in a journal that never seen the light of day. Now, we write our thoughts to the world at large, or at least those who listen. 

  Yes, it's likely part of the conditioning process for us to loose our sense of privacy and let the powers to be know everything they can get out of us as we give it away openly. Yet, those that are aware, know this and intrinsically are safeguarding some sort of privacy. Still, this is me sincerely talking to you about our meaning as bloggers. 

   There are many who have a certain clout, they have become successful or some sort of pompous thing. After years of hard work on-line, they are now refined and ready to look down on you. No, I have to give some more credit than that. There are many good humble people in this virtual land who have a heart to help. 

   Half of the battle is having a battle plan, then carrying it out. We also must be flexible in changing our strategy to adapt to what comes. 

    There is this lazy writing syndrome thing. That is where I come to and have problems. Writing is work, and this is part of the problem for me. I want to write simply what's on my mind, and truthfully what's on my mind isn't always that interesting. Only celebrities can really snag a large audience with such. 

    Some people are all business and have no thoughts at all that they want to share. They also may be so focused on making money and "succeeding" they forget about the deeper things of life. 

    If a person wanted to start a blog and write on the current events in the popular culture of the mainstream culture, then they would likely do very well. For me, this blog has no such focus. This is one of those blogs you wonder why you are even reading it, wondering how exactly can this be considered constructive to read this?

    Maybe it's just encouragement? Maybe it's just inspiration to be different and seek something greater than simply making money. It's not that I don't know what it takes to make money, it's that I'm not willing to do it that way. Of course, I need money to survive, but not at the expense of my dignity and morality. Not at the expense of my God, Jesus Christ, Hey, we can't serve God and money both. 

   Just a little tid bit to chew on. 

   Glad I'm a blogger, cause where else could I justify writing this post? 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Trying to Make a Buck Blogging

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   Every week I find it helpful to keep track of the amount of work I do on my various writing sites and also how much I'm making from them. It's sad to say that after keeping track for 14 weeks now and implementing a sort of promotion system to my blogs, I still haven't been able to make any significant money with my three blogs. 

   In fact, the monthly amount averages out to at best about $1 per blog per month, or $3/month total for all my blogging efforts. I would estimate that last month I wrote about 14 blogs total. Although I'm glad to have a place to write and have the chance to make some money, it just seems I could do better than this. 

  This has gotten me thinking about streamlining my blogging efforts more and making them easier for me to write and promote. What this means in reality, is I have certain articles I write routinely on each of my blogs. Cause I think at this point I simply don't write enough on my blogs to grow them the way I want to. Realizing there are many different ways to put effort into promoting a blog, I know there is also effort lacking in staying connected to people through social sites. For instance Google + hasn't seen me around for a week and a half at all. It's sad, but there is so many other things I'm trying to do I just don't make it over to my social sites as much as I need to anymore. 

  If only I could make a $1 per post, then this would breathe new life into my writing on my blogs. There are other reasons to write of course, but I'm trying to keep myself out of the content mills you see. This on-line writing blogging thing is still relatively new to me, so I know there are strategies and things I could do to help boost my efforts without dedicating my life to it every waking second of every day. 

  Basically, this may sound weird, but I'm putting too much effort into each post. I need to write quicker posts that take less time, but are pointed and have some sort of uniformity to them to define the blog. For instance this blog I want to write poetry, off the wall short stories, and deep thoughts that can't go unnoticed (about blogging/writing on-line, Christianity, and life in general). Of course, all from a Christian perspective. 

   In the mean time, I'm going to research some more about growing a blog and try to plug away with promoting it in creative ways. I'm still hopeful these blogs will one day grow to have a larger readership and therefor make a decent amount for the time spent writing in them. Anyway, how is your blogging going?