Saturday, June 7, 2014

Streamlining the Writing System

   Lately I have been wondering about the strategy I've been using writing on-line. I wrote an article about 25 back-linking sites I use to promote my blogs. I'm just wondering how many of those are worth using if I'm don't have the time to build them up. And some of them are just such liberal places, I wonder if it's even worth wasting my time using. 

  The thing is, using a handful of sites is better than a dozen because then I have time to work them and gather an audience. If I simply write a snippet and then leave a back-link and never interact with the community then I won't receive much attention. So, what I'm realizing is that I don't have time to interact and use all the sites I've been using for back-linking, and so spending the time writing there is a waste of time really. The only reason I would say otherwise is because the back-link gives my blogs more authority. 

  I'm not sure how much authority some of them give though, especially if they are ranked higher than say 30K in the world. And even so, if I spent more time at a handful of sites I back-link to then I would gather more traffic from these sites alone. The amount of traffic I can get should give more authority. Just thoughts from someone who isn't an expert in these matters. I guess I'm learning as I go which strategy is most effective for me. 

  I need a strategy where I can be the most productive and streamlined to maximize the effectiveness of my writing. Cutting down the amount of sites I use to simply put back-links will free up time to build up more of a presence on the sites I am going to use to get traffic and authority from. Then I will simplify my writing and allow for me to build more of a strong presence in the places I am committed to using. 

  For instance I can cut out the sites in which I don't make any money from and hardly get any traffic from. Maybe I could work these sites more and get more traffic, but why should I work them when I have other sites I could work and make money from too? There just isn't enough time to work all these sites.

  The sites I'm going to cut out are: MyLot, Allvoices, and Newsvine. I have been using these sites and getting very little traffic from them. Newsvine has been the best traffic source, yet the people there are absolutely anti-God and liberal. None of these make any money either. 

  Another interesting aspect to writing on-line is looking at the numbers without the hype. Hubpages for example has earned me about $13 for $25 hubs. That is about .50cents for each article, although it will continue to grow. So if I spend an hour to make a hub, and say make a $1.00 on it over the time it is alive, that's not very good is it. I mean if I spent an hour at Postloop forum posting and posted about 30 comments, then I would make about $1.80. I mean at Bubblews I make about .25 cents for a simple article that takes 5 minutes (if they pay me). Or Daily Two Cents I could write a 100 words and make .20 cents. Just some food for thought. 

   So maybe I need to just write a simpler article at Hubpages and not spend so much time on it. I have gotten it down to about 40 minutes writing a Hub, but I'm thinking 15 minutes would be better. That way I could write more of them, make more money, and still have quality back-links. Maybe they will decrease my Hub score and not show me any favor, but already they are showing me little favor because some of my content is the opposite of liberal. 

   This is a blogger article here, asking the questions about streamlining a writing system. Having less sites to work and build up, and maximizing the ones do use, seems like the angle I'm going to use from now on. As I have less time to write and need to use it effectively. Hope this helps, God bless. 

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