Thursday, June 12, 2014

Catching On To Tumblr

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   Learning is usually a difficult process, blogging is no different in this regard. It's exciting to learn, but also frustrating when trying to learn without a direct teacher. Everything I've learned on-line has been through my own seeking. It would be nice to have a direct teacher.

   There are some wonderful indirect teachers out there who have helped along the way with their blogs and articles. It's sometimes hard to find an updated lesson though. Seems like fresh articles are hard to find sometimes and things change quickly on-line. 

   The latest journey for this blogger is Tumblr. I've heard of this site before, but never though it was somewhere for me. A couple days ago though, I decided to give it a try after finding out it could be a great way to promote my blogs. I found out you could even monetize it with Adsense. After a couple days of messing with my new Tumblr blog, I haven't yet successfully placed any ads on it. 

   Still, the site is a great opportunity to promote my blogs and hubs. The Alexa rank of Tumblr is 35 in the world and 18 in the US. So, obviously this is a great place to get traffic if used in an effective way. 

   Blogging is a learning process for sure. After starting my Tumblr blog, I appreciate even more - my Blogger blogs. The design and usability is so much better in my opinion. Tumblr is more like a social site than a blog. Yet, being able to monetize your blog and other usability features makes it more appealing than Google+ and Facebook. 

   I'm going to use it for back-links and try to monetize it when I figure out how. Of course, every site has more potential when you spend more time there and build it up. I'll do an update review after awhile and tell how well it's working out. 

Here is my Tumblr Blog if want to check it out:


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