Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Blogging System Outlook, Make $500/month Writing On-line

Harold Dog Says "Are You Done Writing Yet?"

YouTube Vlog

   Recently I've started a Vlog on YouTube to replace my BlogTalkRadio weekly program. It's only a half an hour show where I talk about what's on my mind from the week, but I enjoy doing it. BlogTalk failed me a couple weeks ago as suddenly after a couple years, the PIN # wouldn't work so I could call in my own show. I emailed them, still no response. I'm glad it happened because YouTube is a better place for my show. 

   After a couple shows, I can see the advantages, which are: I can record my shows whenever, the sound is better as I can record it on Audacity, it's a larger platform and I get more views, the ads don't play over the show, it's easier to use and edit, and I have my YouTube monetized. Really, it's much better place unless you want to take live calls, and then BlogTalk is the place to be. 

   I will improve my approach with the show as time goes, but as for now I use the same picture for every episode. Maybe I need to use the photo editor to place the episode info on the picture itself, then it will be easier for people to distinguish the episodes apart from each other. I want to keep the same picture though as a familiar sign of the show. 

Blogging: Monetary Goals

  Blogging is going well to my standards, the three main blogs I have are growing as is my Hubpages in the Alexa ratings. Overall if you look at the dynamics of making money on-line, a blogger or YouTuber makes about a half a cent per view on average at the best. This is basically true for Hubpages, YouTube, Blogger, and WebAnswers with Adsense. Therefor, if I want to estimate the money I'm making (or want to make as a goal), I simply need to look at the number of views that show up in Adsense, and then calculate this with a half a cent per view. To be safe, you may want to say a third of a cent per view. 

   Looking at the writing system this way, we can project a certain amount of views needed to make the desired amount. Let's say I want to make $500/month from all my on-line work, this includes ChatAbout, RedGage, Teckler, Bubblews, Inboxdollars, Webanswers, DailyTwoCents, YouTube, Hubpages, three Blogs, and Postloop. 

   Basically most of these aren't going to make much potentially, ChatAbout, Postloop, Teckler, RedGage, Bubblews, Inboxdollars, DailyTwoCents combined are likely going to make me about $20/month. I just don't put a lot of effort into these, but I do build on them some, so there is potential for them to make more over time. 

  So, the main sites I want to make money from is Hubpages, three Blogs, YouTube, and Webanswers. All of these are based on views basically, so how many views do I need collectively to make $480 to then make the goal every month?

   OK, so 480 divided by .003 = 160,000 views 
   Now, if I were to make a half a cent per view rate, then I would need 96,000 views to make $480.

   Those are Adsense views as well remember. My Blogger dashboard may say 100 views, but only about 25% of those show up in Adsense. 

    160,000 views means you would have to get around 5,300 per day. 
      96,000 views means you'd have to get around 3,200 per day.

   Now, this is money that you are making basically from Adsense only, so if you have an Amazon Associates account working, a donate button, Reverbnation songs for sale, or any other form of making money, that money would be on top of this $500/month. And with that many visitors, you could probably expect to make some with these. It's hard to say how much, that depends on the how effectively you market products and what kind of articles are attracting support. 

    Where Am I now?

   As of now I have a long ways to go to reach this goal. To estimate the amount of views I've gotten from Adsense and Hubpages last month (May), I would estimate around 8,500 total for all these sites.

  So I have to gain about 100,000 more views in order to reach that goal, basically depending on the multiple variables I considered. This doesn't discourage me though, because I just started my formal writing system about two months ago. I work full-time so I don't have the time to write or promote my sites as often as I would like. If I were to have full time to work this venture, I would likely be around 50,000 views a month already after two months, and the informal 3 months before this. 

   Since I'm merely plugging away and learning how to improve my system as I go, my goal is to reach this goal 6 months from now. During the Winter my seasonal job allows me to write more, so I will put in a near full-time effort and thus in a year from now it's very possible I could be making a full-time living as a writer/blogger on-line. This barring the total collapse of the world and the Internet in the meanwhile. Of course, I realize the world's precarious problems, yet that is what gives me my motivation, to expose the darkness and help bring people to faith in Jesus Christ as their savior. 

   Hope this blogger's article helped you in some way to get some perspective on your blogging/writing goals on-line. If you have full-time to put in to your writing, take advantage of it and make it happen. Another component of this strategy I want to implement is writing e-books as well. God bless. 

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