Monday, May 26, 2014

Wrong Thumbnail Picture When Sharing and Meta Tag Problems

Harold Dog says,
 "Are those pictures working yet?"

    This has been the one drawback of Blogger so far, is the glitch when sharing posts and getting the profile picture as the thumbnail instead of the picture in the post. This used to happen only when I posted to facebook, but now is happening on Google+!

    I've spent a few hours on this one at least over the last couple months trying to figure out why? Sometimes the thumbnail picture is from the post, this is so nice when this happens. Yet, most of the time it's my Google+ profile picture or even the picture of those who commented in the post. I have pasted different codes into the template and nothing, nothing has worked.

    In the forums for Google help there are others like me, who are not finding a solution. This seems to have been going on for years. It's probably a conspiracy, I mean why couldn't they figure this one out and help us bloggers? Is it because we are using the free templates, so they say whatever, get what you don't pay for. Well, I mean geez, we do put their advertisement out to thousands of people and usually make next to nothing for our efforts, right?

   Don't worry I will keep trying to figure this one out, if I ever do, I will write a post about it and tell everyone. For now, I've been either just posting with no picture at all, or going directly to Google+ and Facebook and posting manually on my walls, I put a picture and then write a snippet myself and put the link. This takes time and doesn't look as good, plus the post doesn't get the +, instead the picture in the share does. Facebook, I have to go there and directly put it in with the picture and the link, there is no choice to post without the profile pic.

    Besides this, someone nicely mentioned to me about meta tags. I didn't know about them, but I quickly figured out how to enable them in my settings here on Blogger and then write out a description for every single post I've ever written (about 60 posts). Then, I find out when I share a post to Google+ there not only is no picture except my profile, but there is no description on the post at all! On facebook, the meta description was working though, but still not the picture. Hmmm?

   So, in the end, I just disabled the meta description experiment and am back to having a description on my Google+ posts. Yet, the first part of the description is the information about the photo which they won't show. It's always something isn't it...

   Does anyone relate to these problems I'm having? Has anyone figured out how to get the right thumbnail? Is this only a problem with Blogger? Makes me wonder if I shouldn't have started blogging elsewhere. Yet, I have been very happy with my Blogger blogs besides this photo problem. The meta description problem is probably my fault venturing somewhere I don't know enough about yet to go.

   We have to do what we can and carry on. New posts have to be written, and once the readers do get to our blog, they can see the nice pictures we have for them after all. It's almost like a surprise, some plain link with a strange description entices them with the title alone, and then it's a bonus to find picture life inside the mysterious link. Hey, not everyone knows about our little problem here with the thumbnail thingy. But, hey Google, you should know and be fixing this, geez...

    Just wanted you to know out there, I understand, we are going to figure this out eventually. We will be victorious in Jesus! Was that a good transition, I just wanted to let you know, God loves you. (Let's see if the thumbnail works in this post).

The Book of The Day: Russ Dizdar's Black Awakening

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