Friday, May 23, 2014

Blogging Journey

Oregon Beach
 There is a lot to learn when it comes to blogging. For the last four months I have been learning about my blogger blogs. It's been a journey for sure, keeping me up late at night and working early in the morning. Basically you have to love to do this in order to spend so much time doing it not knowing if it will ever pay off monetarily. 

  For some people who make enough money elsewhere to be comfortable and have time to write as much as they want, they don't really understand those who are squeezed for time. Our day jobs, families, and other obligations just make it hard to spend the learning time needed to start to make blogging work. 

  Today I learned that there are pages and posts. Now, I have seen the pages option on the dashboard, but never understood what it was for until today. Of course, I only figured it out after I had created my about pages for three blogs on my posts section. So, I learned the hard way.

   After copying all the about pages for three blogs and then pasting them to the pages section in each blog, then deleting the posts -- now the snippet picture for the widget showing my other sites, is showing the about page. The about pages all have the same picture, so my picture is showing up all over each of my blogs. Good thing I don't get a lot of traffic yet, still though the few that trickle in every hour could be wondering about me. They may think I'm vain and full of myself. 

   It's a learning process that, yes, would be easier if I had a trainer who could answer every question and walk me through things as I go. This isn't how it is though, I started from scratch essentially barely knowing how to copy and paste a URL, barely even knowing what a URL was about 5 months ago. Considering this and I have learned on my own, I would say the few bucks I have made so far blogging is a miracle. I have to give glory to Jesus for giving me the passion to write and create these platforms. 

    Not sure if you are a blogger or write on-line somewhere, but blogging is very exciting to me. More than revenue sharing sites because it's a platform I have basically created and can do what I want on more or less. I mean it is Blogger that gives me the tools to build it, but as far as I have found, blogging wherever provides the most freedom and control over your writing. This means the possibilities are endless, yet the road to these possibilities is seemingly impossible sometimes. 

    The numbers of people needed as in daily traffic are staggering if think about it too much. It will discourage the beginner and most either give up or just stay content with not getting much more than a few hundred visitors a month. I'm not sure why most people start a blog, but as for me it has been a great fit for my personality. 

   For the right person who loves to write and be creative, blogging is a great way to express yourself and grow your on-line writing and artistic efforts. It does take faith and time, and it doesn't promise monetary reward either. If I can help someone come closer to Jesus, or give them encouragement to keep on trying, then I have accomplished the main goal. I mean I do have a day job that keeps us afloat. 

Movie of the day: The Adventures of the Wilderness Family


  1. Hi Robbie. Nice write up. I wanna make money from my blog, and create pages too. Can u help?

  2. Hi Beryl, I checked out your blog, bookmarked it too, nice blog it has potential. Looks like getting approved for Google Adsense is what you can do, you'll have to look into if that is available where you are at, I'm not sure exactly. Getting a Amazon Associates account would be good as well, so you can sell Amazon products, look into that as well.
    To create the pages, there is a widget to add when in the Layout area, it's called pages. From there you can create the widget and place it at the top of the blog, with the pages you want to show. To create an about page, or a contact page use the pages option -- in the dashboard section under the posts section. It's like a post, but it's a page instead, after you create the page, then copy and paste the URL into the pages widget. Hope this helps, I have connected with you on Google+, so if have any questions you can ask here or through hangout. God bless, and thanks for coming by.
    One more thing, is I believe you need to set the RSS Feed, which you can do in your settings section in the other section of the settings. There you'll see the feed section, where it says Post Feed redirect URL, you need to add your Feed URL and switch it Allow Blog Feed to Yes, then people can subscribe to blog with varies readers. You get the Feed URL from Feed Burner. Check it out, hope this helps.