Sunday, November 30, 2014

Problem Solving Blogging

    It's been awhile since I've written a blog here at CBJ. I haven't forgotten about this blog, there just has been other places I've had to spend my time. This blog though is where I talk about my blogging journey in general as well as some random thoughts I might have. 

    One problem I haven't figure out yet is why there is an X on my feed icon in the widget added to my other blogs. Two of the four blogs I have have this problem. These two are the last two I have created. I have five blogs all-together by the way - four on Blogger and one with Wordpress. 

   This X doesn't seem to mean much, as my feed still works. Every post comes to my email, and when I check the validity of the feed on Feedburner it says it's good. There must be a reason though why there is this X on the icon in the widget. The widget by the way is where you can add other blogs to your blogs layout. I do this so people can find all my blogs from any of the other blogs. The only blog that is left out of the mix is the Wordpress blog. 

    I really do enjoy blogging, but it's just taken a backseat to the menial labor tasks that I have to do to make money. Also, I have started writing eBooks, which has taken much of my writing time away. You can find these eBooks on the tab up top as well. Soon enough I will write a review about my initial three month experience with eBooks. 

   This blog has been abandoned for the last three months basically, at least posting wise. I have revamped it and added to the layout some. It's an interesting experiment to see how it performed without posting. It hasn't attracted very many visitors at all, according to Adsense. Maybe about 20 per week. From memory I believe I've made about .20 cents in the last three months with no posting. 

   This blog doesn't seem to have he same search engine favor as the two main ones I started before this one (LDT and AWR). Does the X in the icon have something to do with this? 

   One lesson I've learned from blogging is to learn how to problem solve and be patient when seeking answers to these kinds of questions. Eventually, after enough searching I'll figure it out and become a better blogger by being more knowledgeable. There is much to this craft I don't know, and eventually I hope to grow these blogs to a point where they are formidable platforms for their unique topics. 

   Until then, this problem is on the shelf. I'll try not to be a stranger here, if anyone even noticed I was gone. God bless. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Blogging Results After 8 Months

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   Blogging on Blogger started for me Dec. 9th, 2013 with my first blog called The Lowdown Truth. Later that month on Dec. 25, 2013, a second blog was started called A Writer's Review. Finally, five months later on May 23, 2014, I started this blog called Christian Blogger's Journal. Although this is the timeline for starting the blogs, it took a little time after I started each to monetize them with Google Adsense. I was approved for Adsense with my first blog after 18 posts. The other two I monetized after having 10 posts. 

   I'm explaining all this because this blog in part is about my journey as a blogger. This information may help you gain some perspective on blogging yourself. The amount of time I've been blogging is about the same amount of time I've been writing on-line all-together. Basically, I started from scratch with this Internet thing about 10 months ago. There has been a learning curve involved as well as I work a full time job as a lawn care business owner/operator during the nice weather seasons. 

   I wanted to share some stats with you, mostly because my wife doesn't want to hear them. She cringes when I start talking stats and what they meant to me. Regardless, I find them very insightful and numbers objectively tell me something maybe my feelings are lying about. Although the stats for this time period may be low, they show me the possibilities for the future. 

The Stats (monetized posts only, these are Adsense visitors only) 

The Lowdown Truth:                           2266 visitors
30 posts                                             $7.06
.24 cents/ post                                   .0031/visitor
76 visitors/post

A Writer's Review                                1398 visitors
22 posts                                             $2.35
.11 cents/post                                    .0017/visitor
64 visitors/post

Christian Blogger's Journal                   512 visitors
21 posts                                             .55 cents
.03 cents/post                                    .0011/visitor
24 visitors/post

Total                                                    4176 visitors
76 posts                                              $9.96
.13 cents/post                                     .0024/visitor
55 visitors/post

   Those are the objective stats of this venture called blogging in the last 8 months. I have a blogging system I've been using loosely for the last 4 months, before this I wasn't doing a lot of promoting. 

   To me, this is better than how I felt I was doing. This time period including a lot of improvement and learning for me. That I was able to make something at all writing on my own platforms I made, is very rewarding. What this tells me overall, is that these stats will be much better after another 6 months. This gives me motivation to keep writing and improving on my blogging efforts. 

How does this compare with Hubpages? 

  A couple days ago, I sort of decided if I wanted to make any money with my writing, I would have to write mostly on Hubpages. After seeing the numbers, I see this differently. Personally, I enjoy my blogs much more than writing on Hubpages, but really I wouldn't make much more there even comparing with these fledgling numbers. 

  At Hubpages, I've calculated making around .004 per view. That isn't much more than my blogs at .0025, and I really do think this number will improve with my blogs within the next 6 months while Hupbages will likely stay the same. So then it comes down to views, where do I get the most views? 

   At Hubpages I've written 32 articles and received 5,779 views. That is 180 views/article compared to 55 views/article with blogs. So Hubpages does get more views per article overall, but with some improvements and time I should be able to match that or better within the next 6 months with my blogs. Not sure if I will improve my Hubpages views significantly within that time. 

   When it comes down to it, it's hard to make money writing on-line when writing about what you want to. The ability to write the articles about what you desire to and when you want to, comes at the cost of making it difficult to make significant money. 



  In six months time, I want to get 250 visitors/post and make .005 cents/visitor. That means $1.25/post. 
  Long term I want to get 4,000 visitors/post and make .005 cents/visitor. That means $20/post. That would mean if I spent 2 hours on each post, I would make $10/hr. That to me would be very optimal when it comes to making blogging a real source of income and still be able to write about the subjects I desire. 


   Blogging has been a positive addition to my life, it provides benefits that are beyond money. Writing on-line in general has been a great opportunity for me. I'm encouraged to keep writing and plugging away at both my blogs and Hubpages. Hopefully your writing on-line has been a positive experience and you got something out of this article. 

    Your welcome to become a member of this site (widget on the top right of site) and/or subscribe in a reader or email. May your writing efforts be blessed, and remember to keep it all in perspective with Jesus as the most valuable thing in our lives. 

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Lazy Writing Syndrome Thing

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   What is it every blogger/writer wants anyway? What is it I want, as in a place to write? At one time, I was thinking about writing at RedGage for my journalistic writings. When I have an idea for a "real" post, then I have places for those, but what about when I just want to write? It used to be, people wrote in a journal that never seen the light of day. Now, we write our thoughts to the world at large, or at least those who listen. 

  Yes, it's likely part of the conditioning process for us to loose our sense of privacy and let the powers to be know everything they can get out of us as we give it away openly. Yet, those that are aware, know this and intrinsically are safeguarding some sort of privacy. Still, this is me sincerely talking to you about our meaning as bloggers. 

   There are many who have a certain clout, they have become successful or some sort of pompous thing. After years of hard work on-line, they are now refined and ready to look down on you. No, I have to give some more credit than that. There are many good humble people in this virtual land who have a heart to help. 

   Half of the battle is having a battle plan, then carrying it out. We also must be flexible in changing our strategy to adapt to what comes. 

    There is this lazy writing syndrome thing. That is where I come to and have problems. Writing is work, and this is part of the problem for me. I want to write simply what's on my mind, and truthfully what's on my mind isn't always that interesting. Only celebrities can really snag a large audience with such. 

    Some people are all business and have no thoughts at all that they want to share. They also may be so focused on making money and "succeeding" they forget about the deeper things of life. 

    If a person wanted to start a blog and write on the current events in the popular culture of the mainstream culture, then they would likely do very well. For me, this blog has no such focus. This is one of those blogs you wonder why you are even reading it, wondering how exactly can this be considered constructive to read this?

    Maybe it's just encouragement? Maybe it's just inspiration to be different and seek something greater than simply making money. It's not that I don't know what it takes to make money, it's that I'm not willing to do it that way. Of course, I need money to survive, but not at the expense of my dignity and morality. Not at the expense of my God, Jesus Christ, Hey, we can't serve God and money both. 

   Just a little tid bit to chew on. 

   Glad I'm a blogger, cause where else could I justify writing this post? 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Trying to Make a Buck Blogging

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   Every week I find it helpful to keep track of the amount of work I do on my various writing sites and also how much I'm making from them. It's sad to say that after keeping track for 14 weeks now and implementing a sort of promotion system to my blogs, I still haven't been able to make any significant money with my three blogs. 

   In fact, the monthly amount averages out to at best about $1 per blog per month, or $3/month total for all my blogging efforts. I would estimate that last month I wrote about 14 blogs total. Although I'm glad to have a place to write and have the chance to make some money, it just seems I could do better than this. 

  This has gotten me thinking about streamlining my blogging efforts more and making them easier for me to write and promote. What this means in reality, is I have certain articles I write routinely on each of my blogs. Cause I think at this point I simply don't write enough on my blogs to grow them the way I want to. Realizing there are many different ways to put effort into promoting a blog, I know there is also effort lacking in staying connected to people through social sites. For instance Google + hasn't seen me around for a week and a half at all. It's sad, but there is so many other things I'm trying to do I just don't make it over to my social sites as much as I need to anymore. 

  If only I could make a $1 per post, then this would breathe new life into my writing on my blogs. There are other reasons to write of course, but I'm trying to keep myself out of the content mills you see. This on-line writing blogging thing is still relatively new to me, so I know there are strategies and things I could do to help boost my efforts without dedicating my life to it every waking second of every day. 

  Basically, this may sound weird, but I'm putting too much effort into each post. I need to write quicker posts that take less time, but are pointed and have some sort of uniformity to them to define the blog. For instance this blog I want to write poetry, off the wall short stories, and deep thoughts that can't go unnoticed (about blogging/writing on-line, Christianity, and life in general). Of course, all from a Christian perspective. 

   In the mean time, I'm going to research some more about growing a blog and try to plug away with promoting it in creative ways. I'm still hopeful these blogs will one day grow to have a larger readership and therefor make a decent amount for the time spent writing in them. Anyway, how is your blogging going? 

Monday, July 28, 2014

The Dangers of Depending on Amazon and Google For Income

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   Lately I haven't been able to write much in my three blogs and Hubpages. Mostly, the reason is because I've been trying to learn about selling on Amazon and Ebay. Mostly, what I'm selling is books. Along with my lawn care job and this new activity, writing has taken a back seat. I thought I would elaborate in this post about this activity. 

   This blog is meant to be a place where I can speak what's on my mind in a more informal environment. Well, many things are usually on my mind, but in particular lately I have been thinking about selling books on Amazon. They have a program called Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), in which you send them your inventory and they will ship it to your customers when and if it gets sold. I've started doing this, but as of now can't say how it's worked. 

  The three boxes I've sent off to their warehouses haven't been processed yet. This week most of them should be processed and go live on Amazon to be sold. Not sure how it will work in the end, but if it's God's will I pray they all sell and I can make a profit. Also, I have started selling some books on Amazon and Ebay myself, what they call self-fulfilling. This because they are maybe older books which don't sell quickly, but are worth something. 

  At first, this activity really excited me, as I have always wanted to sell books and grow my buy and sell business along with my writing on-line. God did lead me to see the dark side of this venture though soon enough. What I found was that many people have been burned by Amazon. Many people get their accounts shut down for basically no reason, or for a bogus reason. Amazon at this point becomes their enemy and the people are helpless to talk with someone to even find out why their account was shut down. This happens all the time to people who have been selling there for years and have a good track record with Amazon. 

  So, this made me a bit weary of Amazon and their FBA program. This because, what happens is I send all my inventory to their warehouse and if they shut down my account for no reason given, then I have to pay .50 cents per item plus shipping to get the stuff back. And if I want it destroyed, I have to pay .15 cents per item. And from what I've heard, they don't really destroy it, but sell it themselves. So, this is likely partly why they are shutting down some big sellers, is so they can simply keep their inventory and sell it themselves. For instance, I read about one seller who had 55,000 new items in their warehouses and they shut his account down. He was unable to get the items back or even have the money to destroy them. 

   Ultimately, Amazon is a place to be weary of if you are a seller. Even if I could, I wouldn't make it my sole income, as they are not dependable. So, with this in mind I have begun to sell books on Amazon on a small scale, and have adjusted my methods according to this knowledge. 

   This is what I've been up to of late. I have my store fronts in the tabs section at the top of my blogs for Amazon and Ebay. 

   It's not easy trying to balance time between all the activities we have in life. As of now, I don't make much money writing and selling on-line, so I have to work my day job. Even if I was to make a good amount on-line writing and selling, I wouldn't want to completely depend on such companies such as Google, Amazon, and Ebay. In the end these are simply big machines that can gobble us up and not even tell us why. This is part of the virtual reality where life is impersonal and unreal for the most part. 

   I will try and balance these activities out and find more time to write. My blogs are important to me, and there is so many writing projects that I have planned to complete. If it's God's will this buy and sell business will have some success. It's a fun activity for me, but I have to keep it in perspective in the way I've laid out in this post. Maybe you are also trying to do the same thing and this helps. For now, I pray we can complete the activities of life and still keep Jesus Christ at the center at all times, not compromising for anything in this world. God bless. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Earning a Bachelors at Hubpages
Wake Up and Write a Hub

   Let me just say this, Jesus Christ is the most valuable part of my life. Everything I do must be in accord with the Holy Bible. I live and look at life through a born-again Christian filter, always trying to keep a balance and peace with God. 

   Now...there are so many different avenues of thought to go down, sometimes I think if I could just focus on one with all my ambitious zeal I would have wild success. Yet, so far this focused zeal is spread out and I keep plugging away with that too little, too late type of feeling. 

   For instance, concerning these different avenues, what about say blogging? What about Hubpages, YouTube, an Ebay business, or even writing content? Let's just take Hubpages for instance. Now, if I were to only write hubs and then share them on my built up social sites, what would happen? What if I wrote 30 hubs a month for a couple years?

   These are quality hubs as well, which attract an average of 300 views per month. So what would I be making after two years of this regiment? 24 months times 30 hubs equals 720 total hubs after two years. So 300 views a month average times 720 hubs equals 216,000 views per month. Now I know that it's a gradual climb to get to that many views, but that requires algebra to figure out fluidly. 

   Let's just say that for your first two years you average 100,000 views per month creating 30 quality hubs a month. So 100k times 24 equals 2,400,000 views in all. Now let's say that with the Hupages ad program you make a half a cent per view including the Adsense amount. So, that would be how much? 

$12,000 for two years or an average of $6000/year.

   Let's say you made another $6000 in Amazon and Ebay sells as an affiliate. That's $9,000/year total for your first two years average, not bad. 

   OK, so now you have basically earned your Associates Degree and you spent a lot less effort to get it, plus you have made money instead of spending it. So, why not get your Bachelors in Hubpages and call it a career? 

   So keep writing for a couple more years at the same pace, 30 hubs a month. So you are now getting about 216,000 views per month. After four years you have doubled this and are getting 432,000 views per month. So, let's estimate you on average, in year 3 and 4, get 300,000 views per month. 

   So 300,000 times 24 months equals 7,200,000 views total. That means you will have made how much for those second two years?

   $36,000, or $18,000 per year. Add on any affiliate sales, say another $6k, and you've made $24,000 per year writing one quality hub per day for four years. 

    Now instead of getting done with your worthless Bachelors Degree owing thousands of dollars, you can take a year off and still make a decent living. But why would you take a year off cause the whole time you were doing something you loved anyway, right?

    Just a thought, see what we could do if we just focused? Thing is life happens, I mean Hubpages could shut down your account for some reason and you'd loose all your work. That would be unlikely for most people, but for someone like me who writes controversial articles sometimes this could very well happen. Yet, the idea could work towards blogging, YouTube, an Ebay business, and an Amazon business too. 

     One good point to make for diversifying your efforts is it keeps your efforts fresh and alive. Also, it gives you more options with your writing topics and style. I think overall, a balance is needed, and if we continue to plug away with the efforts we do have and streamline it as best as we can muster, then we eventually will have a unique on-line effort we can build on and prosper with. 

    This is not the article I came here tonight to write, but I like how it worked out. It really does prove the point that if we simply focused, we could achieve a unique success which far outweighs the conventional debt ridden (usually NWO propagandized) ways of starting a career.     

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Racing Towards the Mark of Better Alexa Ratings

Harold Dog racing towards the mark

   Do you check your blog's Alexa ratings? I did an article here on May 27th of this year, in which I posted the rankings of my other two blogs and Hubpages. I wanted to share with you the developments I've noticed since.

  OK, so that was about 32 days ago from today and at that time I didn't have stats for this blog because it was too new. Christian Blogger's Journal has since been showing up and I've been watching it rise. Interestingly enough the only comment I received last article about this was an anonymous person who aptly said, "you have a long way to go." So, for you dear person, thank you for the inspiration. 

   May 27th:

   The Lowdown Truth:                     10,372,004
   A Writer's Review:                          4,733,324
   lowdown0 Hubpages:                      4,538,357

   June 29th:

   The Lowdown Truth:                        5,658,449
   A Writer's Review:                            2,887,196
   Christian Bloggers Journal:              3,939,758
   lowdown0 Hubpages:                       2,698,196

      The amount of articles I've written in each of these in the last month is as follows:

      The Lowdown Truth:                         5
       A Writer's Review:                            2
    Christian Blogger's Journal:              11
    lowdown0 Hubpages                          2

     Really, that's not a very high output for that good of a return. For the critic who so graciously came by to encourage me, what do you think? Be careful, cause you could end up encouraging me further. 

    I'm excited about this progress myself. It's strange why The Lowdown Truth is ranked the worst, as it's the first blog I started and the one with the most posts and back-links? O'well, I guess it's niche isn't as popular as the others are. Christian Blogger's Journal has risen very fast although I haven't even connected it to any blog directories yet. I do write in here more often than the others. 

     I could imagine if I were to triple that output on articles in the next month, my rankings would start to get respectable quickly. My next goal is to get all of them under a million in the next 3 months time. In the three months after that I want to get them closer to under a 100,000. If I can get all of these under 100,000 then I'll begin to see the traffic that will earn me some money and will start gaining a loyal readership. 

    How is your blogging going? Have you checked your Alexa rankings yet? You might have to enable your RSS feed in your settings section under the "other" subsection (Blogger). Your feed URL(RSS) should be automatically created under Feedburner. I learned how to do this when I started putting my blogs in directories. This allows you to give people email subscriptions and RSS reader subscriptions as well. Something to think about if your trying to grow your blog. 

    It's been a fun journey blogging. It's the perfect form of writing for myself, allowing for me to have the freedom and flexibility to write as I please and when I desire. This blog in particular has been a great addition, as it is less formal and therefor I can simply let myself simply write what's on my mind. This helps me understand myself and the world around me. Like I said in the first post here, it's your fault if you're reading it. Still, I'm glad you are, and if you want to get an email notification when I post, then subscribe through the email subscription area on the top right of the blog. If you have any questions that a simpleton like myself can help you with, then leave a comment. Remember to mark the box to receive email notifications in the comment box. 

    God bless and protect you and families, and may He guide you in your writing, this I pray in Jesus Christ name, Amen. 

Book of the day: Harold Bell Wright, The Shepherd of The Hills

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Blogging System Outlook, Make $500/month Writing On-line

Harold Dog Says "Are You Done Writing Yet?"

YouTube Vlog

   Recently I've started a Vlog on YouTube to replace my BlogTalkRadio weekly program. It's only a half an hour show where I talk about what's on my mind from the week, but I enjoy doing it. BlogTalk failed me a couple weeks ago as suddenly after a couple years, the PIN # wouldn't work so I could call in my own show. I emailed them, still no response. I'm glad it happened because YouTube is a better place for my show. 

   After a couple shows, I can see the advantages, which are: I can record my shows whenever, the sound is better as I can record it on Audacity, it's a larger platform and I get more views, the ads don't play over the show, it's easier to use and edit, and I have my YouTube monetized. Really, it's much better place unless you want to take live calls, and then BlogTalk is the place to be. 

   I will improve my approach with the show as time goes, but as for now I use the same picture for every episode. Maybe I need to use the photo editor to place the episode info on the picture itself, then it will be easier for people to distinguish the episodes apart from each other. I want to keep the same picture though as a familiar sign of the show. 

Blogging: Monetary Goals

  Blogging is going well to my standards, the three main blogs I have are growing as is my Hubpages in the Alexa ratings. Overall if you look at the dynamics of making money on-line, a blogger or YouTuber makes about a half a cent per view on average at the best. This is basically true for Hubpages, YouTube, Blogger, and WebAnswers with Adsense. Therefor, if I want to estimate the money I'm making (or want to make as a goal), I simply need to look at the number of views that show up in Adsense, and then calculate this with a half a cent per view. To be safe, you may want to say a third of a cent per view. 

   Looking at the writing system this way, we can project a certain amount of views needed to make the desired amount. Let's say I want to make $500/month from all my on-line work, this includes ChatAbout, RedGage, Teckler, Bubblews, Inboxdollars, Webanswers, DailyTwoCents, YouTube, Hubpages, three Blogs, and Postloop. 

   Basically most of these aren't going to make much potentially, ChatAbout, Postloop, Teckler, RedGage, Bubblews, Inboxdollars, DailyTwoCents combined are likely going to make me about $20/month. I just don't put a lot of effort into these, but I do build on them some, so there is potential for them to make more over time. 

  So, the main sites I want to make money from is Hubpages, three Blogs, YouTube, and Webanswers. All of these are based on views basically, so how many views do I need collectively to make $480 to then make the goal every month?

   OK, so 480 divided by .003 = 160,000 views 
   Now, if I were to make a half a cent per view rate, then I would need 96,000 views to make $480.

   Those are Adsense views as well remember. My Blogger dashboard may say 100 views, but only about 25% of those show up in Adsense. 

    160,000 views means you would have to get around 5,300 per day. 
      96,000 views means you'd have to get around 3,200 per day.

   Now, this is money that you are making basically from Adsense only, so if you have an Amazon Associates account working, a donate button, Reverbnation songs for sale, or any other form of making money, that money would be on top of this $500/month. And with that many visitors, you could probably expect to make some with these. It's hard to say how much, that depends on the how effectively you market products and what kind of articles are attracting support. 

    Where Am I now?

   As of now I have a long ways to go to reach this goal. To estimate the amount of views I've gotten from Adsense and Hubpages last month (May), I would estimate around 8,500 total for all these sites.

  So I have to gain about 100,000 more views in order to reach that goal, basically depending on the multiple variables I considered. This doesn't discourage me though, because I just started my formal writing system about two months ago. I work full-time so I don't have the time to write or promote my sites as often as I would like. If I were to have full time to work this venture, I would likely be around 50,000 views a month already after two months, and the informal 3 months before this. 

   Since I'm merely plugging away and learning how to improve my system as I go, my goal is to reach this goal 6 months from now. During the Winter my seasonal job allows me to write more, so I will put in a near full-time effort and thus in a year from now it's very possible I could be making a full-time living as a writer/blogger on-line. This barring the total collapse of the world and the Internet in the meanwhile. Of course, I realize the world's precarious problems, yet that is what gives me my motivation, to expose the darkness and help bring people to faith in Jesus Christ as their savior. 

   Hope this blogger's article helped you in some way to get some perspective on your blogging/writing goals on-line. If you have full-time to put in to your writing, take advantage of it and make it happen. Another component of this strategy I want to implement is writing e-books as well. God bless. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Catching On To Tumblr

cc from
   Learning is usually a difficult process, blogging is no different in this regard. It's exciting to learn, but also frustrating when trying to learn without a direct teacher. Everything I've learned on-line has been through my own seeking. It would be nice to have a direct teacher.

   There are some wonderful indirect teachers out there who have helped along the way with their blogs and articles. It's sometimes hard to find an updated lesson though. Seems like fresh articles are hard to find sometimes and things change quickly on-line. 

   The latest journey for this blogger is Tumblr. I've heard of this site before, but never though it was somewhere for me. A couple days ago though, I decided to give it a try after finding out it could be a great way to promote my blogs. I found out you could even monetize it with Adsense. After a couple days of messing with my new Tumblr blog, I haven't yet successfully placed any ads on it. 

   Still, the site is a great opportunity to promote my blogs and hubs. The Alexa rank of Tumblr is 35 in the world and 18 in the US. So, obviously this is a great place to get traffic if used in an effective way. 

   Blogging is a learning process for sure. After starting my Tumblr blog, I appreciate even more - my Blogger blogs. The design and usability is so much better in my opinion. Tumblr is more like a social site than a blog. Yet, being able to monetize your blog and other usability features makes it more appealing than Google+ and Facebook. 

   I'm going to use it for back-links and try to monetize it when I figure out how. Of course, every site has more potential when you spend more time there and build it up. I'll do an update review after awhile and tell how well it's working out. 

Here is my Tumblr Blog if want to check it out:


Saturday, June 7, 2014

Streamlining the Writing System

   Lately I have been wondering about the strategy I've been using writing on-line. I wrote an article about 25 back-linking sites I use to promote my blogs. I'm just wondering how many of those are worth using if I'm don't have the time to build them up. And some of them are just such liberal places, I wonder if it's even worth wasting my time using. 

  The thing is, using a handful of sites is better than a dozen because then I have time to work them and gather an audience. If I simply write a snippet and then leave a back-link and never interact with the community then I won't receive much attention. So, what I'm realizing is that I don't have time to interact and use all the sites I've been using for back-linking, and so spending the time writing there is a waste of time really. The only reason I would say otherwise is because the back-link gives my blogs more authority. 

  I'm not sure how much authority some of them give though, especially if they are ranked higher than say 30K in the world. And even so, if I spent more time at a handful of sites I back-link to then I would gather more traffic from these sites alone. The amount of traffic I can get should give more authority. Just thoughts from someone who isn't an expert in these matters. I guess I'm learning as I go which strategy is most effective for me. 

  I need a strategy where I can be the most productive and streamlined to maximize the effectiveness of my writing. Cutting down the amount of sites I use to simply put back-links will free up time to build up more of a presence on the sites I am going to use to get traffic and authority from. Then I will simplify my writing and allow for me to build more of a strong presence in the places I am committed to using. 

  For instance I can cut out the sites in which I don't make any money from and hardly get any traffic from. Maybe I could work these sites more and get more traffic, but why should I work them when I have other sites I could work and make money from too? There just isn't enough time to work all these sites.

  The sites I'm going to cut out are: MyLot, Allvoices, and Newsvine. I have been using these sites and getting very little traffic from them. Newsvine has been the best traffic source, yet the people there are absolutely anti-God and liberal. None of these make any money either. 

  Another interesting aspect to writing on-line is looking at the numbers without the hype. Hubpages for example has earned me about $13 for $25 hubs. That is about .50cents for each article, although it will continue to grow. So if I spend an hour to make a hub, and say make a $1.00 on it over the time it is alive, that's not very good is it. I mean if I spent an hour at Postloop forum posting and posted about 30 comments, then I would make about $1.80. I mean at Bubblews I make about .25 cents for a simple article that takes 5 minutes (if they pay me). Or Daily Two Cents I could write a 100 words and make .20 cents. Just some food for thought. 

   So maybe I need to just write a simpler article at Hubpages and not spend so much time on it. I have gotten it down to about 40 minutes writing a Hub, but I'm thinking 15 minutes would be better. That way I could write more of them, make more money, and still have quality back-links. Maybe they will decrease my Hub score and not show me any favor, but already they are showing me little favor because some of my content is the opposite of liberal. 

   This is a blogger article here, asking the questions about streamlining a writing system. Having less sites to work and build up, and maximizing the ones do use, seems like the angle I'm going to use from now on. As I have less time to write and need to use it effectively. Hope this helps, God bless. 

Book of the Day: Fox's Book of Martyr's

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Alexa Rankings and Writing Break

Winter 2013 Oregon

   Lately I've been keeping track of my Alexa ratings for my other two blogs and Hubpages. I know they have a long ways to go before I can start making any significant amount of money, but I like stats and seeing things in numbers. Here is the world Alexa ratings of these three sites:

The Lowdown Truth: 10,372,004
A Writer's Review:      4,733,325
lowdown0.Hupages    4,538,357

     Interesting that my Hubpages account shows up there, and it is ranked the highest of the three too. I only started working my writing system for the last 4 weeks. Before this I was randomly working and my blogs went near dormant for a couple months. So really, the progress I've made with my blogs has come in the last month. 

    Although these number are in the millions, I'm still excited about them going lower and lower. Now I have a goal to get my blogs under a million in three months time. Ultimately I want them to get under a 100K in the world. 

    On a different note, I will be taking a bit of a break from my writing system this next week. My wife and I are going to the White Stone Remnant Conference in Montana. We've been looking forward to this for a long time now, and getting ready for it. I will bring my computer and am planning on writing an article about the conference afterwards, but my writing overall this next week will go to a near standstill. 

    When I get back though, I have many article ideas I want to get started on. This blog is just starting to take form and soon enough will be monetized with Adsense as well as the others. So far, this has been exactly what I was looking to create, a place where I could write my not so formal thoughts. It's your fault if you end up reading it. 

     My last Blogtalkradio show went well, it talked about the White Stone Remnant conference. If you want to listen there is a widget at the bottom of the blog. 

      God is good, Jesus is our friend. For this I'm grateful and have hope for the future. This world grows darker and the difficulties we face become more strenuous, yet we are growing in the grace and love of Jesus Christ through his words. The Word of God and prayer are the staples of our lives. Fasting is one thing we need to do more. For now, signing out, God bless. 

Book of the Day: Ralph Epperson's book: The Unseen Hand, Introduction To The Conspiratorial View of History


Monday, May 26, 2014

Wrong Thumbnail Picture When Sharing and Meta Tag Problems

Harold Dog says,
 "Are those pictures working yet?"

    This has been the one drawback of Blogger so far, is the glitch when sharing posts and getting the profile picture as the thumbnail instead of the picture in the post. This used to happen only when I posted to facebook, but now is happening on Google+!

    I've spent a few hours on this one at least over the last couple months trying to figure out why? Sometimes the thumbnail picture is from the post, this is so nice when this happens. Yet, most of the time it's my Google+ profile picture or even the picture of those who commented in the post. I have pasted different codes into the template and nothing, nothing has worked.

    In the forums for Google help there are others like me, who are not finding a solution. This seems to have been going on for years. It's probably a conspiracy, I mean why couldn't they figure this one out and help us bloggers? Is it because we are using the free templates, so they say whatever, get what you don't pay for. Well, I mean geez, we do put their advertisement out to thousands of people and usually make next to nothing for our efforts, right?

   Don't worry I will keep trying to figure this one out, if I ever do, I will write a post about it and tell everyone. For now, I've been either just posting with no picture at all, or going directly to Google+ and Facebook and posting manually on my walls, I put a picture and then write a snippet myself and put the link. This takes time and doesn't look as good, plus the post doesn't get the +, instead the picture in the share does. Facebook, I have to go there and directly put it in with the picture and the link, there is no choice to post without the profile pic.

    Besides this, someone nicely mentioned to me about meta tags. I didn't know about them, but I quickly figured out how to enable them in my settings here on Blogger and then write out a description for every single post I've ever written (about 60 posts). Then, I find out when I share a post to Google+ there not only is no picture except my profile, but there is no description on the post at all! On facebook, the meta description was working though, but still not the picture. Hmmm?

   So, in the end, I just disabled the meta description experiment and am back to having a description on my Google+ posts. Yet, the first part of the description is the information about the photo which they won't show. It's always something isn't it...

   Does anyone relate to these problems I'm having? Has anyone figured out how to get the right thumbnail? Is this only a problem with Blogger? Makes me wonder if I shouldn't have started blogging elsewhere. Yet, I have been very happy with my Blogger blogs besides this photo problem. The meta description problem is probably my fault venturing somewhere I don't know enough about yet to go.

   We have to do what we can and carry on. New posts have to be written, and once the readers do get to our blog, they can see the nice pictures we have for them after all. It's almost like a surprise, some plain link with a strange description entices them with the title alone, and then it's a bonus to find picture life inside the mysterious link. Hey, not everyone knows about our little problem here with the thumbnail thingy. But, hey Google, you should know and be fixing this, geez...

    Just wanted you to know out there, I understand, we are going to figure this out eventually. We will be victorious in Jesus! Was that a good transition, I just wanted to let you know, God loves you. (Let's see if the thumbnail works in this post).

The Book of The Day: Russ Dizdar's Black Awakening

Friday, May 23, 2014

Blogging Journey

Oregon Beach
 There is a lot to learn when it comes to blogging. For the last four months I have been learning about my blogger blogs. It's been a journey for sure, keeping me up late at night and working early in the morning. Basically you have to love to do this in order to spend so much time doing it not knowing if it will ever pay off monetarily. 

  For some people who make enough money elsewhere to be comfortable and have time to write as much as they want, they don't really understand those who are squeezed for time. Our day jobs, families, and other obligations just make it hard to spend the learning time needed to start to make blogging work. 

  Today I learned that there are pages and posts. Now, I have seen the pages option on the dashboard, but never understood what it was for until today. Of course, I only figured it out after I had created my about pages for three blogs on my posts section. So, I learned the hard way.

   After copying all the about pages for three blogs and then pasting them to the pages section in each blog, then deleting the posts -- now the snippet picture for the widget showing my other sites, is showing the about page. The about pages all have the same picture, so my picture is showing up all over each of my blogs. Good thing I don't get a lot of traffic yet, still though the few that trickle in every hour could be wondering about me. They may think I'm vain and full of myself. 

   It's a learning process that, yes, would be easier if I had a trainer who could answer every question and walk me through things as I go. This isn't how it is though, I started from scratch essentially barely knowing how to copy and paste a URL, barely even knowing what a URL was about 5 months ago. Considering this and I have learned on my own, I would say the few bucks I have made so far blogging is a miracle. I have to give glory to Jesus for giving me the passion to write and create these platforms. 

    Not sure if you are a blogger or write on-line somewhere, but blogging is very exciting to me. More than revenue sharing sites because it's a platform I have basically created and can do what I want on more or less. I mean it is Blogger that gives me the tools to build it, but as far as I have found, blogging wherever provides the most freedom and control over your writing. This means the possibilities are endless, yet the road to these possibilities is seemingly impossible sometimes. 

    The numbers of people needed as in daily traffic are staggering if think about it too much. It will discourage the beginner and most either give up or just stay content with not getting much more than a few hundred visitors a month. I'm not sure why most people start a blog, but as for me it has been a great fit for my personality. 

   For the right person who loves to write and be creative, blogging is a great way to express yourself and grow your on-line writing and artistic efforts. It does take faith and time, and it doesn't promise monetary reward either. If I can help someone come closer to Jesus, or give them encouragement to keep on trying, then I have accomplished the main goal. I mean I do have a day job that keeps us afloat. 

Movie of the day: The Adventures of the Wilderness Family